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Month: March 2013

Wallowing In A Vat of Ale: Badger Friday

We all love a Badger ale. The range of beers that they offer all come with distinct fruity flavours and make full use of ingredients found in the English countryside. Regular listeners will remember that in season 1 we reviewed the ‘flagship’ of the Badger stable, Tanglefoot and also the Poachers Choice, which we found a little heavy going. Mark is a big fan of the (peachy, beer fruit filled) Golden Glory and I personally love their Stinger Ale which is a collaboration with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage. The Stinger is a sweet, smooth beer brewed with nettles for a surprising little after kick. Many of our other listeners enjoy a Badger and there have been many #badgerfridays on Twitter in the past.

So the Badger ales chosen for my own ‘Badger Friday’ were Hopping Hare and Blandford Flyer…

Hopping Hare is a light golden colour and comes in a bottle promising a thrice hopped brew using three types of hop during the brewing process. Disappointingly this promise was one that was unfulfilled for me. It had an aroma of old man pub rather than the hoppy promise and while it was easy enough to drink, found very few of the hops coming through on the flavour. Now obviously taste is a very subjective thing and I have friends that have thoroughly enjoyed this beer and who have spoken about floral aromas and sweet flavours. Interestingly Untappd has this listed as an IPA – personally I think it is about as far away from an IPA as you could get. Rating – 2.5 bottle caps.

Onto the Blandford Flyer – this is a beer that to be honest I have been avoiding for a while. The bottle talks of ‘ginger spice and toffee’ and I’m not a great fan of ginger so the thought of it being a prominent flavour in a beer worries me a little. Out of the bottle the beer pours a lovely orange/amber colour and has aromas of a sweetshop. The flavour isn’t overpowered by ginger but has sweetness throughout and almost leaves a sticky sweet coating in the mouth. This isn’t unpleasant but I don’t think you could drink more than a bottle of this in one sitting and you wouldn’t want to rush the bottle either. A very enjoyable tipped and one that could be slowly quaffed over the duration of a Sunday afternoon. Rating – 3.5 bottle caps.

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Episode 24 – Thornbridge Jaipur

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Episode 23 – Tally-Ho!

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Episode 22 – Leffe Blonde

We get all continental this week, with our first European beer of the season – the old favourite of many, Leffe Blonde. What will the boys think of it? Will it’s cultured, European sophistication be their undoing, or will it not hold its own against the UK’s finest? Possibly a bit of both?

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Episode 21 – Newcastle Brown Ale

We’re back for 2013!

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