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Month: May 2013

Episode 32 – Trooper

Scream for me, Beer O’Clock Show… SCREAM FOR ME, BEER O’CLOCK SHOW…

It’s Trooper from Robinsons this week, a beer put out under the name of British Heavy Metal legends, and longtime favourites of both Steve and Mark, Iron Maiden.

Listen this week as the tour bus veers wildly across the highway to hell, and the boys get stuck into this rock’n’roll nectar…


Episode 31 – Spitfire

This week we’re joined by Beer O’Clock Show’s #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Antony – for a tasting of a Shepherd Neame classic – Spitfire! How will Steve handle such a full-tasting experience with *two* of his protege’s sitting as his feet, awaiting his wisdom? Listen and find out.

Coupled with our usual beery chatter and reflection, it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 30 – Leffe Brune

Sourced directly from a Sainsbury’s gift pack, the boys tackle the darker brother of a beer they encountered earlier this season. This week it’s a beer Mark can only describe as… no, wait and see! It’s Leffe Brune this week, into the goblet and under the microscope!

Also, the usual beery chatter and pontification. It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 29 – Double Chocolate Stout

Steve & Mark venture into the dark, murky corners of the cellar labelled STOUT and review their first pint of darkness ever… How will it go down? This week, it’s Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and that sounds nice, right? Listen and find out!

Also, our usual beery chatter and #1 Fan reporting in!

Episode 28 – Duvel

We’re joined this week by Beer blogger, and bloke-who-knows-more-than-us, Nate from Booze, Beats & Bites as we review another European ale.

This, and our usual beery chatter!

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