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Wallowing In A Vat of Ale. Or not…

So at the moment, I’m going through a but of a dry spell. Not out of choice but because I had to have my gallbladder removed. Years of excess and poor diet resulted in gallstones and hopefully the surgery will now signal the end of a fairly uncomfortable year of stomach problems and a return to eating and (more importantly) drinking whatever the hell I like.

So why blog about this? What has it got to do with beer? Well, frankly, I’m bored. I’ve been sat on the sofa for three days now since the surgery and all I’ve done is looked at Twitter and all of the wonderful brews that people have been drinking over the bank holiday weekend and all I can think is “I WANT A BEER!”

My affair with beer seems to be bordering on becoming an obsession… I read about beer, I read what others write about beer, I search out beer that I haven’t tried on the net and most importantly I love drinking the stuff and searching out new beers that I’ve never drunk. I am so grateful to my beer buddy and co-presenter of the Beer O’clock Show, Mark for suggesting that we do a podcast about beer because that has only helped to fuel this ‘hobby’ of mine.

The show seems to be going from strength to strength. We’ve had a lot of favourable feedback for our shows and we know we’ve got a hardcore group of listeners. Recently we’ve had more brewers get in touch telling us they like what we do, we’ve got people asking if they can come on the show and we have our biggest season yet coming up in September.

I’ve become a fully fledged beer geek (or ‘craft wanker’ as some might put it) and I wear this like a badge of honour. Because of my beer geekery I have met many new friends and enjoyed many new beers & locations. I’ve even got a trip coming up in October with a random Scotsman that I met on Twitter to two of (undoubtedly) the best breweries in the UK – none of this would have happened without the show and the opportunities that it has presented.

My beer stash is growing and I now think nothing of paying more than a tenner for a single bottle of beer. I’ve enjoyed some amazing beers in recent times including home brews that have been brewed in peoples kitchens that put a lot of ‘mainstream’ beer to shame. Currently residing on my beer shelves are variations from Brewdog, Weird Beard, Crouch Vale, a number of US Breweries and a couple of beauties from Magic Rock that have been ‘stashed’ for Christmas. One of this pair (most likely the recent release Strongman) will probably also get the honour of being my 500th unique check in on Untappd.

IMG_0844 (2)

So is this anymore that post-op random bank holiday ramblings? Probably, but it’s helped ease the boredom and allowed me to talk about my passion/obsession [delete as appropriate].

Craft wanker? Beer geek? Absolutely. But I’m proud of it.


  1. If being a craft wanker is wrong.. I don’t want to be right..

  2. Aw thanks *blushes*

    It’s far too easy to become obsessed with beer. There’s so much to learn, it makes you wish you’d started learning ten years ago.

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