Episode 45 – Snake Dog IPA

Steve and Mark venture across the pond yet again, this time for the Snake Dog IPA from the Flying Dog brewery.

Also in this episode, Steve’s interview with crowd-sourced brewery, Hop Stuff.

All this, and the usual beery chatter you’ve come to know and love (right?), it’s Beer O’Clock!


  1. hopzine

    I’ve just started catching up with episodes. To be honest I listened early days and couldn’t get into it because you weren’t talking about beers that interested me. Seems like you’ve had quite the craft beer awakening. Loving the interviews too.

    I don’t know if anyone has already said this on twitter but from the sounds of it the bottle of Snake dog you had was old as the hills. Yes Snake dog veers more towards grapefruit and pine but its certainly rather hoppy when fresh. From my experience the cans are better than the bottles.

    • steve

      Thanks for the comments guys, it always good to get feedback about what we are doing.

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