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The 8th Beer of Xmas


For my 8th beer of Xmas my true love sent to me…

I realised I may have messed up a little with the recap yesterday (been sorted now) so I’ve made sure that today’s recap of yesterday is right. You can check it out here.

Firestone ‘Double DBA’ Barrel Aged Imperial Special Bitter 2012 (12% ABV / 650ml)

day 8This was the third ‘big’ beer in as many days. Magic Rock Strongman on Xmas Day at 12%, Thornbridge Imperial Raspberry Stout yesterday at 10% and now this.

Upon cracking the bottle open you’re hit by big, boozy aromas with a raisin sweetness and a big hit of bourbon.

The first taste is all sweetness – there’s toffee, brown sugar, caramel, chocolate, cream – it’s all there and backed up with that prominent bourbon edge. It comes across like a barley wine, but it’s not and it has a really stealth-like kick to it and that 12% really creeps up on you.

As it’s warming, the spirit air to it really comes to the forefront in the glass and the booziness comes through stronger and stronger but it’s still not over-powering. It’s sweet, easy, smooth and very enjoyable. There’s no bitterness in there, just a perfectly balanced beer.

I was sharing this with my mate James, he’s clearly a heathen as his reaction to this beer was “OMFG, why do people have to fuck with beer?”. Like I say, heathen.

I enjoyed this. From the minute it was open until the final sip, I found it almost the perfect beer to enjoy over the course of the evening. Shame I only bought one bottle.

#12BeersOfXmas – leave a review of your beer for today below (or a link to your blog) and your Twitter name so we can give you a shout out. Merry Beermas!


  1. Day 8 – Pelforth Brune

    This unusually sized bottle (65cl) was brought back from France by my father in law, on his annual pre-Christmas booze cruise to Calais. Another beer I knew very little about, I’m glad the father in law knew how difficult it is to find in the UK (and hence stocked up) or I’d never have had the chance to try this.

    Pelforth is a French brewery, founded before the first world war, and acquired by Heineken in 1988 when they bought the brewer’s parent company. Luckily, rather than swallow up the small concern lock stock and barrel, they’ve simply allowed them to get on with it, producing a small range of strong, reputable ales. The name was derived from “Pel” (the original name for the brewery was Pelican) and “forte” meaning strong, but Anglicized to suit the British real ale market.

    The strapline on the label says “La Richesse du Double Malt” and whilst my French is practically non existent, the hit of double malt is more evident from the nose on this potent beauty! It’s classic keg stuff, a little fizzy on the tongue, but then comes a rush of richly toasted malt flavour, so strong it’s verging on sweet licorice. There’s a creamy finish, which rounds off the experience nicely, the flavour is still dancing around in my mouth anyway, I think it’s in for the evening!

  2. Day 8= TommyKnocker Cocco Porter 5.7%

    Just one of the one’s I picked up just to try out. What the hell.. who don’t like chocolate and Porter..

    Spot on. Smells of chocolate and honey. The chocolate is dark, but not as dusty as I’d perceive cocoa to be. Sweetness attached to the honey and really serves the dark malts well. Light caramel.
    Eh, then I taste it. A little watery. Roasty, but held back a bit. Dry cocoa, nuttiness, a dry honey tone, attenuated malts, very light cardboard note that backs away enough to not count too harshly against it. Has a funny aftertaste, like stale earthy hops.
    These seasonal beers are still fun to me, thank goodness. Otherwise, there’s a lot of them that leave you a little flat.I want to like this beer more than I do. I just wish there was more behind it. The body’s a little too slick and light to support all of the flavors, and it all feels like it’s over too soon. It’s like listening to the Rolling Stones with the volume cranked to 2.

  3. Day 8: Anarchy brewery War Head

    Anarchy brewery do some fantastic beers. Citra Star and in particular Sublime Chaos are go to beers for me. So I knew I was in safe hands here. This is a 100 minute ipa and I’d heard of Dog Fish Heads 120 min ipa as being an excellent beer so I was keen to give this a go. It’s also 100 ibu’s which I don’t fully understand just what that means I know I was in for a big flavour! I love the shape of the bottle. It stands out from other bottles on the shelves. Big hop aroma hits you as soon as you open it. The label says ‘drink fresh’ and I think the fresher the better with this beer. There’s a sweet malty flavour. I’m getting toffee, peach, vanilla and then fresh fresh hops on top. This is delightful. It’s got tha same thickness as the strongman had which makes it linger on your tastebuds. I have another bottle of this which I think will be added to the New Year’s Eve beer list. Can’t wait!

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