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The 9th Beer of Xmas


For my 9th beer of Xmas my true love sent to me…

You know the format by now – click here for yesterday’s recap

Marks & Spencer / Meantime ‘Bourbon Barrel Aged Greenwich Ale’ (6% ABV / 750ml)

Day 9Once the cork is popped (yes, cork) this pours avery deep red colour with an off-white creamy head and aromas of toffee, caramel and liquorice.

Unfortunately, that where it all seemed to end. None of the flavours followed through, there a slight roasted maltiness going on in the background and a hint of a bitter finish but very little else. As it warmed in the glass a little, there were some woody aromas and a more roasted after taste, but still nothing exciting. Very disappointed in this – not a lot else to say really.

My mate James liked this one though and said that it complimented the chilli and smokey cheeses that he was enjoying.

#12BeersOfXmas – leave a review of your beer for today below (or a link to your blog) and your Twitter name so we can give you a shout out. Merry Beermas!


  1. Day 9 – Liefmans Fruitesse

    Ok, so an evening mini crawl of three of Brighton’s most excellent craft ale purveyors has blown the original list sky high. However, this serendipitous scenario has introduced me to a number of beers I’ve really enjoyed, and must share.

    With so many brand new breweries to keep up with, I must admit to overlooking many established Belgian brands. However once in a while I take the plunge when I find something a bit different. Having foolishly started drinking too strong, too dark, too early, I needed to take a break, and did so in the form of this cheeky little number.

    This beer is a pleasant assault on all senses! A vibrant pinky fluid bubbles out of the bottle, giving off an amazing aroma I can only compare to raspberry ripple ice cream! It’s a summer fruit salad, with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries all vying for the top spot on the tongue, with a smooth and unexpected vanilla aftertaste. Yet it’s so light and refreshing, I can’t believe it’s not a non-alcoholic J20 type of thing (I’ve never ordered such a drink in an open pub, I don’t really know what I’m talking about).

    A perfect alternative to a dessert wine, or a cheeky refresher between porters!

  2. Day 9- Thornbridge Brewery, Kipling , 5.2%

    I remember The Beer O’Clock show chaps talking about this one. I have seen it in the beer store but never picked it up, being it $7 for a 16oz bottle. I have paid more for other beers, just not a pale ale. So I figured.. What the Hell.. It’s the 12 beers of xmas.
    This does a good job of showing off Nelson hops, and it’s not even uber fresh! Big fresh, sweet, slightly tropical hop characters, which give off pineapple, grapefruit papaya, with a slightly crisper, greener tone as well—perhaps fresh squeezed lime. Under it is a grainy substrate, a fairly neutral but also fairly bland underpinning. But the hops win here.
    Hop flavor hits the palate immediately. Tropical fruit, some grapefruit, and slight herbal qualities are the main notes provided here. While it is very pleasant and very balanced, I’m impressed how they hid the bitterness with such a feeble malt backbone.
    Excellent drinkability. Great British Ale with a strong American profile.

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