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Month: March 2014

Episode 61 – Pistonhead Lager

This week the boys do a double-up of Pistonhead Lager, trying it from both bottle and can – do they differ? Will one be nice than t’other? Listen and see!

That, and much more beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 60 – Fade To Black

A HUGE episode this week, where not only do the boys review Weird Beard’s black IPA Fade To Black, but they’re also joined by Andy Parker (@tabamatu) of Elusive Brewing and award-winning home brewer, but we have two – count ’em! – interviews: first with Fergus of Adnams and Alex of Camden Town, talking about their recent collaboration brew South Town, and secondly with Weird Beard themselves.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 59 – Bengali Tiger

This week the boys have a can each of an American beer making an appearance on UK shores in JD Wetherspoon pubs around the country: Six Point Brewery’s Bengali Lancer.

Listen for their thoughts on this, as well as lots of beery news and chatter. It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 58 – Hop Mountain Pale Ale

This week the boys take a break from the fine beers of London and sample an ale from the other side of the water: Old Dominion’s Hop Mountain Pale Ale. How will it go down? Listen and see! (or, rather, hear)

That, plus beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Review of the month – February 2014

This is a new feature where I’ll be looking back over the last month beerwise. So where January was a dry month for me, February on the other hand has quite possibly been one of the wettest on record (and I’m not just talking about the rain here).

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