Following the excesses of May, June had to be a quieter month. Didn’t it?… Supermarket sweepThe first show we did in June was our second Hombrew Special. Featuring beers from Andrew Hobbs, Darren Oakley and Connor Murphy. Easy concept really, drink 3 homebrews on a Monday night, steadily increasing in ABV before finishing with a 9.3% Imperial Chocolate Orange Stout… I celebrated the release of the homebrew show by joining in CAMRGB’s #SupermarketSweep. Four beers from the ‘big 4’ supermarkets. I decided not to go for the obvious choices (beers produced by Brewdog or Harviestoun) and instantly regretted it. Lets just say that when your ‘best’ beer of the night is an Asda own-brand Belgian-stlye beer in a can that doesn’t bode well for the others. After winning our UK Top 10 IPA poll, it was time for Marble ‘Dobber’ to take the stage and you can hear what we thought about that and an interview with Marble Brewery here. Saturday 14 June will be forever known as The Flight of The Wankers thanks to a number of craft wankers beer folk joining me for a trip down (and up) the Bermondsey Beer Mile. You can check out the full story here. You can check out some alternative (and more informative) views of the days from Chris Hall and Matt Curtis. Co-hosting the Beer O’Clock show clearly isn’t enough for me as I also found time to pop up on Rob Derbyshire’sHopzine‘ video blog to review Fourpure’s ‘Session IPA’. You can have a look a why I’ve got a face for radio here. The next show to be released featured a new brewery from Gloucestershire, Hillside and in ‘Jolly Jester’ a beer that features a new English hop. We were joined by Peter and Paul from Hillside in reviewing this beer and chatting about the plans for the brewery. photo 1 (2)I then found myself in the midst of probably the busiest beery weekend I’m ever likely to have. First up was the Summer Brew Fest, a great new festival held at London Fields and featuring 11 of the capital’s smaller breweries and two cider producers. I had a great time at this festival and enjoyed the laid back feeling of it all and the opportunity to talk to a number of the brewers, who were all willing to spend time chatting. Hopefully this festival will become a regular addition to the festival scene in London and continue to promote the smaller guys. Hot on the heels of the Summer Brew Fest, Mark and I then headed out on a walking pub tour of the capital with charismatic Dragon & Flagon tour guide Vic Norman. Vic’s tours are always am enjoyable romp through London’s history and this one was no different. See for yourself here. To complete the beery weekend, we were invited by Chris from Pilsner Urquell to join them at the Taste of London event in Regent’s Park. Here we got to sample the fine ‘tankovna’ style of the beer -only 4 days old, a beautifully flavoursome unfiltered, unpasteurised version that went down incredibly smoothly (and quickly). We also got to try our had at pouring the ‘milko’ style of the beer and here I am showing off my best bar tending skills… Our last show of June was welcoming surprise with Sambrook’s ‘Pumphouse Pale Ale’, which included an interview with their head brewer, Sean Knight. photo 2 (2)Beer of the month – this is the hardest one so far this year as there a quite a few to choose from. I’ll do the ‘honourable mentions’ first… Brew By Numbers ’14|01 Mosaic Tripel’; Hackney Brewery ‘Mosaic TNT’ (important to mention this was a cask offering); By The Horns ‘Hopslinger’ and Pilsner Urquell ‘Tankovna’. But for me, the beer of June was the newly released Five Points ‘IPA’. A version of the style that I think would stand up to Magic Rock’s Cannonball. There, I’ve not only said it, I’ve now put it in writing! Check out my video collection of June beers below, set to an absolute classic tune in ‘Love Spreads’ by the Stone Roses. If you enjoy our #BeerPorn pictures, follow us on Instagram and share your own with #CheersGuys