PrintIn anticipation of the arrival of new stock, our friends at Ales By Mail held a tasting event at their Craft Beer Shop to preview some of the beers that are incoming from new suppliers in the US. Chatting to the owner Paul before the serious drinking started he explained that “we have someone working on our behalf in California who, over the last few months has sourced some amazing US beers and arranged for their export into the UK for the first time”.

Refrigerated from brewery collection then from warehousing to container and then into the UK, this beer is FRESH. It arrived by road the day before being offered to the awaiting thirsty punters as a preview of things to come when the full shipment is launched in September.

Without further ado – today’s beers, brief tasting notes, style and Untappd ratings below…

  • Iron Fist ‘Spice of Life’ 6.5% ABV spiced/herb beer – interesting bitter and spiced finish. Well balanced 2.5/5
  • Iron Fist ‘Nelson the Impaler’ 5.5% American pale ale – crisp with a sharp dry finish 2.5/5
  • Lost Coast ‘Alleycat Amber’ 5.5% American amber – some flavours you’s associate with an IPA. Sweet and creamy with some caramel hints 3/5
  • Lost Coast ‘Tangerine’ 5% wheat beer – stunning. From the first whiff of the aroma, through the first taste to the finish it’s all tangerine. Full of character and very refreshing 4/5
  • Lost Coast ‘Indica’ 6.5% American IPA – bang on style. Thick and oily with big pine and toffee hints. Full bodied with a subtle bitter end 4/5
  • Aztec ‘Chipotle IPA’ 6.6% American IPA – not masses of warmth from the chipotle but with the bitter finish you’d expect from the style 2.5/5
  • Weins ‘Type 3 IPA’ 6.5% American IPA – typical west coast style IPA with a sharpness that cuts a path right through to the finish 4/5
  • Weins ‘Insomnia IPA’ 7.5% American IPA – refreshing, well-balanced with an easy finish 3.5/4
  • Inland Empire ‘Pepin The Short’ 5.8% Porter – like a shot of espresso but nothing that you can’t already find in the UK 2.5/5
  • Aztec ‘Hibiscus Wheat’ 4.7% Hefeweizen – fizzy and fruity. Not for me 2.5/5
  • Weins ‘Big Cog’ 8% American Double IPA – lovely. Big grapefruit aromas with easy citrus flavours. Possibly to easy to drink for a DIPA 4/5
  • Black Market ‘1945’ 3.9% Berliner Weisse – astonishing. Like drinking a lemon tart 4/5
  • The Dudes ‘Kolschtal Eddy’ 5.5% kolsch – no. Like drinking cheese flavoured beer. Wrong 1/5 (and I wasn’t alone on this one – just ask Justin & Clay)
  • Ironfire ‘Collateral Damage Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter (2012-2013)’ 10.5% Imperial Porter – what a way to finish! Big, boozy Christmas fruit aromas. Very smooth and with a lovely soft coffee-esq finish 4/5

AbM image And that was only a small selection of what was on offer! For me the stand out beers were the selection from Weins, the Black Market Berliner Weiss which was an amazing example of the style and the Ironfire collateral damage.

Ales By Mail are planning to have the most popular beers available from these tastings on offer from September as part of the myBreweryTap US 52 week beer club and on the site. Keep checking Twitter and their website for more details on availability.

Don’t forget you can get 10% of all Ales By Mails orders by using the code BOCS10 and ordering at least one beer from our current season beer list as part of your order.