This is a little bit cheeky. The Beer O’Clock Show were approached by Natural Brewing to ask if we wanted to be part of a Twitter tasting of their latest beer. Always happy to accommodate this sort of request, I said ‘yes’ only to be told that the tasting would be on a Monday evening. Regular followers will know why this is a problem. Therefore, in a beer sleight of hand, I’ve already drunk and reviewed the beer and am now posting this blog and the appropriate Twitter-time.

So what’s this all about? Natural Selection Brewing is a project involving 5 Masters students at the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling in collaboration with Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh.

This year the project brewed a 5.8% IPA called ‘Mutiny on the Beagle’, hopped solely with British hop varieties from the past 20 years. The aim was to brew a beer that reflected the classic beer style that would have been popular in Charles Darwin’s time but which used newer hop varieties, including a big dry hop of a new Charles Faram 2013 developmental hop, Olicana.

MutinySo what did I think…?

The aroma gives hints of citrus with earthy tones and some ginger. The beer pours from the bottle a deep amber colour with a fluffy white head and good carbonation. The initial taste is a wash of bitterness across the palate before leaving hints of citrus fruits and a subtle sweetness.

It’s by no means a hop bomb and reflects the English IPA style very well. It’s balanced and gives more lemon as it begins to warm in the glass. Towards the end it becomes very bittersweet while maintaining the citrus profile. There’s an almost creamy finish to it as I drain the last drops from the glass.

Overall, a good example of the style and one that I rated as 3/5 on Untappd.