PrintWe are pleased to announce a new collaboration with leading online Beer Retailer, Ales By Mail.

The partnership will see us providing mini-audio reviews of beers available exclusively on the ABM store, helping consumers get expert advice right from the online shop, while they buy. ABM are thanking show listeners with 10% off everything you buy on

ABM Marketing Director, John Pagan, described the prospect of working alongside us as: “Being an exciting partnership that will see both parties adding value to the beer loving community. The Beer O’Clock show is a well-respected, premium podcast covering all angles of beer, from straight-up reviews, to wider beer musings, we hope the specialist content they are providing for us, will add a unique dimension to our new website. In addition to offering show listeners a discount with us, we’ll also be working alongside Mark and Steve to unearth some new and different beers for them to review, in their own unique style of course. We’re looking forward to creating special Beer O’Clock cases available to buy via our website, allowing people to easily buy beers that are scheduled to be reviewed in one go.”

John added: “Both organisations are deeply rooted in the beer community and by working alongside each other, we add some fantastic value to both of our websites and furthermore, to our audience. We love the way Mark and Steve deliver their energetic beer reviews, musings and banter. They, like us, work very hard to make sure that they engage with the established beer enthusiast, but remain accessible to those just discovering craft beer for the first time.”

We’re excited to be working with ABM to bring exclusive reviews to their website while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to access the huge range of beer stocked by ABM at a discounted rate. We’re looking forward to featuring ABM stock on the show in the future in an effort to continue to bring you no-nonsense beer reviews.

The collaboration will start with the launch of season 5 and will be further enhanced as we both launch new websites during September.