You may have noticed that I didn’t get round to drinking my #12beersofxmas entry yesterday. Life got in the way for a bit with a family emergency that saw me at the local hospital until well gone 10pm. By the time I was home I really didn’t think that I’d be doing the beer any justice at that time of the night so a reshuffle is on order.

That’s easy enough to do actually. Today’s beer was due to be Harviestoun’s Ola Dubh 21 (not the 30 as previously advertised), but as I’ve had this beer before it’s one that I’ll quite happily return to the cellar for the next appropriate occasion. I love the Ola Dubh series and it will make a happy find when the time comes! The intention is to now savour Ilkley’s World’s End tonight and then everything will be back on track.

That being said, the response to the #12beersofxmas went up another notch yesterday, check out all the action in the Storify below (or on our Storify page) and check the ‘blog directory’ here for the latest writings.