This is actually my second beer, but I explained all of that yesterday. Tonight’s selection was Ilkley Brewery’s ‘Worlds End’. It’s an 8% Islay Whisky barrel-aged version of their amazing chocolate and chipotle stout ‘The Mayan’. I was a little scared apprehensive of this beer as I have fond memories of The Mayan giving me a real burn from the chipotle and I thought this would be enraged amplified by the barrel ageing.


The initial aroma from the bottle is smokey and has a hint of heat and whisky. On the pour there is little carbonation and the first taste is exceptionally peaty, almost like eating a mouthful of booze flavoured dirt.

There’s a little bit of sweetness and a hint of burning campfire but there’s no heat, no warmth and no real finish. It just feels a little thin and flat.

There are amazing flavours in there somewhere, I know there are, but they seem to be struggling to come through. Maybe the barrel ageing was a step too far for this already exceptional beer?

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Tomorrow, Siren Craft Brew’s ‘Odyssey 001’ Imperial Stout.