Episode 110 – Pamplemousse

This week we head to the green green grass of home for our next 6 nations of beer stop … Wales, where we sample the amazing Pamplemousse from the Waen Brewery.

In the news we chat about award winners, events and round up the latest beery podcasts.

Mark is lost for words in this week’s Hop Topic where we discuss beer festivals. Let us know your thoughts using #HopTopic or leave a comment below.

Congratulations to our giveaway winners so we’re back to giving away big boxes of nothing in the #prizelessprize but it’s a stunning snap none the less.

It’s Beer O’Clock!


  1. Phil

    I tend to agree on the festival price thing, in that paying over the top and having “free” beers or tasters just doesn’t work for me. I did the London Craft Festival a few years back and went with friends. I was lucky enough to win my ticket, but still was not drawn to go back. The festival is great, superb beers, good food, (music was a tad loud but).. But, even trying really hard we could not use all of our “taster tokens”, and believe me we tried.
    The freebie route just encourages folk to try hammer beer down so as not to be wasting that entry fee, it must frighten a lot more off on a budget or who are lighter drinkers

    • steve

      Cheers for the comment Phil, this seems to be the general agreement that higher prices and free beer contribute to binge drinking. Check out this week’s show for what other listeners thought too.

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