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What started as an exchange of tweets with Phil Hardy, rapidly became the ‘Big Beery Night’ and in that the concept grew and grew.


You can see what we’ve achieved as I write this and we know there’s still more to come.

Astonished. Shocked. Humbled.

You guys really came out in support for this idea and I believe that I need to take a moment to say something to you all.

Thank you.

Thank you for your support, for engaging, tweeting, and posting pictures.

Thank you to Little Leeds Beer House, Hop Burns and Black and Gipsy Hill Brewing for running events and to those who may have run events that I didn’t know about.

Thank you to Twattybeer, Ollie from Freedom Brewery (and Freedom Brewery), Dean Regler, Steph from Dark Star Brewery (and Dark Star), Thornbridge, Alex (beermack), Hop & Barley, eebria, Ales by Mail, The Ale Trail, Cara Eire, Beerbods, Indy Man Beer Con, Titanic Brewery, Wild Card Brewery, Eden Brewery and The Swan for all of the auction donations. That part of the evening was a lot of fun and the infamous #Lot12 nearly broke Twitter, but across the 20 auction lots, you lot bid £719. Amazing stuff.

Thank you to Shaun Smith for ‘hosting’ me for the evening, for putting up with me having my head buried in a laptop for most of the evening and for sharing some great beers.

Thank you to the Irish Beer Snobs for running a similar campaign in Ireland and raising nearly €1000

Thank you to everyone of you who donated.

Want to do it again next year?



  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, Steve, even tho my bids were unsuccessful…Lot 12 was amazing!! Love to do it again next year…must start looking for a special beer…!!

  2. Definitely want to do it again next year! Was a great laugh and what a great way to raise some funds! 🙂

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