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…you know the rest. Now we need you to prove it.

As podcasters we occupy what we often call the ‘uncomfortable middle ground’ between those who write and those who produce videos. Podcasting in the UK is still seen as a niche offering and for 4 years now we’ve been flying the flag for the beer community through our podcasts. We’re not the only ones, we’re part of a thriving scene but we work hard at what we do and from time to time a little recognition would be nice.

The New Media Europe Awards give us the opportunity for recognition. We came close last year by making it to the last 6 in the UK Podcast of the Year but this year we’d like to go one step further and win an award.

We’ve entered 2 categories (you don’t need to nominate us, just find our name and vote)

  • Best UK Podcast of 2016
  • Audience Appreciation Award

But now we need your votes. Stage 1 of the voting process is taking place on Facebook, a platform where we don’t exist. If we finish in the top 10 of either award we’ll go forward to stage 2, which will be via Twitter – this is where our community lives so if we can bring the votes over there, we’re in with a chance of bringing home an award.

Full details on how the awards work are here, but we will appreciate each and every vote you make at either stage. Let’s bring home an award for the beer community!


Cheers folks

Mark & Steve

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  1. Done – good luck

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