Hopinions 11 “Craft”

file_000In an episode that closes our current story arc, we discuss whether there really needs to be a definition for craft beer in the UK.

Beers | Nobby’s Brewery Best Bitter & American Pale Ale

Hopinions | Does craft beer really need a definition?

Blogs | Mark Johnson, Pete McKerry and Sarah Finney

Link | Relief from Alcohol Products Tax for beer produced in qualifying microbreweries

Prizeless Prize | Sparkrite is back on form to claim his second big box of nothing in recent weeks

Interview | We chat to Spencer & Richard from Hofmeister


  1. Michael

    Steve, great show. I’m not writing on Twitter yet because my kids can’t find the time to give me a tutorial. Listening to your interview with the Hof guys afterwards helped me formulate my definition of craft. “W**kers have not been involved in the making of this beer”. Thanks again.

    • steve

      Glad to have been of assistance in helping you with your definition!

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