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Month: March 2017

Hopinions 26 “Geekery”

It’s our season finale… Martin recaps a recent trip to Coventry and Steve gets a bit angry about Brewdog. Again.

We also get our geek on and spend a LOT of time talking about Marvel & DC’s cinematic/television universes

Beer | Deya ‘Steady Rolling Man’, Burning Soul ‘Oct IPA’ & Adnams ‘Both Barrels’

Hopinions | Geekery – Is yours just limited to beer?

Prizeless Prize | A first time winner for the last big box of nothing of the season, congrats to The Ale Lady

Blogs | Good Beer Hunting looking at the Yeastie Boys contract brewing issuesMidlands Beer Blog original post about The Wolf in Birmingham & Martin’s thoughts on his trip to Coventry

Hopinions 25 “Ratings”

This week we’re chatting about using ratings to guide our choices while also dipping into the Hop City 2017 line up and asking if Brewdog’s equity scheme is really equitable.

Beer | The White Hag/Kinnegar ‘Irish Coffee Nitro Stout’, Vliegende Paard Brouwers ‘Prearis Quadrupel’ and ‘Prearis Quadrocinno’

Hopinions | Has an Untappd rating/score ever impacted on your decision to buy a beer?

Prizeless Prize | Normal service has been resumed this week as Northern Beer Geek takes the honours

Blogs | More about Brewdog’s recent investment announcement from Glynn Davis at Beer Insider

Hopinions 24 “Blown Away”

This week we’re back in the studio and chatting about beers that have blown us away. We also get around to finally reviewing the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Festival that we attended a few weeks ago.

Beers | Pirate Life ‘Throwback IPA’, ‘IPA’ & ‘IIPA’

Hopinions | When was the last time you had a beer that blew you away & what was it?

Prizeless Prize | Stewards enquiry is ongoing for this week’s winner from Sparkyrite

Blogs | Mark Johnson responds to last week’s show with a great piece of writing about his passion for the pub

Interview | We talk to Sean from Pirate Life about bringing great Australian beer to the UK

*Apologies for the slight overlap at the end of this show, some technical gremlins interfered with our normally perfect production


We were given these beers for free from the folks at Pirate Life but this hasn’t impacted on our views of just how great they bloodywell are.

Irish Beer Report 04 – Metalman

In the latest Irish Beer Report we enjoy a couple of beers from Metalman Brewing from Waterford

| Pale Ale American style pale ale

| Sgt. Pepper sage & pepper saison

We also look forward to where you can try some of the best Irish beer in the UK this St Patrick’s Day.


We’ve been sent these beers for free by the folk at Metalman Brewing but this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on the beers that we featured.


Hopinions 23 “Choices”

This week we’re joined by guest and beer sommelier Ruth Mitchell to talk about the choices we make about drinking.

Beer | Edinburgh Beer Factory ‘Paolozzi’ & Flying Dog ‘Easy IPA’

Gin | Wayfarer & Renegade Brewery ‘Ukko’

Hopinions | With off trade sales overtaking on trade why do you choose to drink at home instead of the pub?

Prizeless Prize | For the second show in a row, Cowboy Drinks Craft takes the honours

Blogs | Connor Murphy/MCR Beer Week, Pete McKerry, Pub Curmudgeon and Boak & Bailey

Facebook | Check out our round up of our beers of February exclusively on our Facebook page


Many thanks to Fuller’s Counting House for providing us with a room to record this podcast. All of our beers were paid for although Ruth did provide the gin for free, but none of this influenced our thoughts.

Flavour of the Month 11 – High Planes Drifter

For March’s Flavour of the Month with Little Leeds Beer House, our listeners chose the Deya Brewing Company & Verdant Brewing Co ‘High Planes Drifter’ DIPA.

We’re joined by our first ever guest on Flavour of the Month as beer sommelier Ruth Mitchell joins us to chat about the beer and to give a run down of the other beers that you may have come across this month.

We also look forward to Hop City at Easter where you’ll be able to get your hands on some of the hoppiest beers ever assembled in one place in the UK.

If you’ve had any of the beers we mention, let us know your thoughts on Twitter.


This show is supported by Richard & Bryony from the Little Leeds Beer House. They’re great folk and they give us this beer for free, but that doesn’t affect our opinions the shop or the beer. If you’re ever in Leeds make sure to pop in, say hi and enjoy a beer in the wonderful surroundings of the Corn Exchange.

Hopinions 22 “10 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Beer Festivals (Part I)”

In our final crossover podcast of the series, we sit down with Wayne & Janice Dunne (AKA The Irish Beer Snobs) to talk about 10 things you never knew you wanted to know about beer festivals.

Beer | Station Works ‘The Foxes Rock IPA’

Hopinions | The best thing about beer festivals / The worst thing about beer festivals

Interview | We chat to Dr. Gearóid Cahill, head judge of The Dublin Craft Beer Cup and director of brewing science at Alltech about beer judging

Part II | Make sure to check out part 2 on the Irish Beer Snob feed, available from Sunday 5 March 2017


We attended the Alltech Craft Beer & Food Fair on media passes that gave us free access to the event and some beer tokens. We were looked after incredibly well and provided access to the media lounge and rooms for recording. None of this has influenced our views on the event or beers we try and we are exceptionally grateful to Tracey & Aoife for looking after us.

Irish Beer Report 03 – Coming Soon

In the latest Irish Beer Report we chat to Liam & Colin from Ireland Craft Beers about the growing Irish beer scene and Cormack from Honest Brew about bringing Irish beer into the UK.

The folks from Honest Brew have also given our listeners a discount code so that they can get 10% off any Irish beer order – just use ‘save10irish’ at checkout.

The Irish Beer Report will return soon with more great beer.


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