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Hopinions 168 “Beer Cocktails”

In this bonus episode, Martin & Steve have fun trying some beer cocktails

Lagerita | Tequila, lime juice, orange juice & Desperados

Raspberry Beer Mojito | Cabal No 1513 Aged Rum, lime, mint & Bacchus Frambozenbier

Campari IPA | Campari, orange juice & Lagunitas IPA

Espresso Stout Martini | Waitrose/Heston Lazy Espresso Martini (pre-mix) & Guinness original


Many thanks to the folks at Harpalion Spirits for sending us the Cabal No 1513 to try. Although this was gifted to us and a good percentage of it has found it’s way into Steve’s Christmas Cake, this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on how tasty it is.


Hopinions 56 “The Dark Side”

This week, we’re joined by Mark, Ashley and Tom from the Men Beerhaving podcast to take a walk on the dark side of beer.

Beers | Beavertown ‘Black Betty’, Magic Rock ‘Dark Arts’, Guinness ‘1798’, Innis & Gunn ‘Vanishing Point 01’ and Brewdog ‘Death or Glory’

Hopinions | Dark beers | Does barrel ageing make a beer better?

Men Beerhaving Badly | Episode 20 featuring our appearance on ‘Guest Ales’ can be found here and make sure to subscribe/follow the chaps on your podcast/social media platform of choice


Many thanks to the folks from Innis & Gunn for sending us the Vanishing Point 01 for free, this didn’t influence our thoughts on the beer. 

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