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The #12BeersOfXmas 2017

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the #12BeersOfXmas, Steve wanted to do something different…

So here’s a podcast featuring reviews of all 12 beers, and some familiar (and not so familiar) guests.

Beers | (1) Shepherd Neame ‘Christmas Ale’ (2) Elusive Brewing/Wild Weather ‘Herman Toothrot’ (3) Atom ‘Neutron Star’ (4) Cromarty ‘Anniversary Ale V’ (5) Weird Beard ‘Sadako (Red Wine BA)’ (6) Truman’s ‘London Keeper’ (7) Cloudwater/Tool ‘Christmas Cake Imperial Stout’ (8) Stewart Brewing ‘Elysium I’ (9) Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren ‘Trappist Westvleteren 12′ (10) Adnams ‘Both Barrels’ (11) Thornbridge ‘Sour Brown’ (12) Five Points ‘Old Greg’s Barley Wine’

Guests | Thanks to Martin, Phil, Sparky, Keith, Brian, The Ale Lady, Joe & Myles for coming on and sharing their thoughts on certain beers

Blogs | Read Joe’s (The Fatal Glass of Beer) & Paul’s (Abbaye de Southwick)  #12BeersOfXmas daily blogs

Podcast | Listen & subscribe to the NE Sippin Forecast

Twitter | 12 Beers of Xmas Twitter list is here – follow these folk, they’re great!

Hopinions | Will return at the end of January

#12BeersofXmas 2017

It’s that time of year again folks. Time to dig into the back of the cupboard cellar to see what wonders you have to enjoy over the festive period.

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Hopinions 35 “Go To”

This week we’re out on the road again, recording from The Hoop & Grapes in Farringdon and we’re joined by guest John West from the I’ll Explain Later podcast.

Beers | Whitstable Bay ‘Pale’, Shepherd Neame ‘Brilliant Ale’, ‘India Pale Ale’ & ‘Double Stout’

Hopinions | Are ‘go to’ beers a part of your drinking regime?

#PrizelessPrize | The big box of nothing heads back to Essex and into the hands of PlymShaun

Links |  Check out the I’ll Explain Later podcast here | Martin’s original ‘Go To Beers’ post

Listener Survey | We’d really appreciate 10 minutes of your time to complete our listener survey. This will help us continue to tailor the podcast so that it’s exactly what you want to hear


Many thanks to John from Shepherd Neame and Mike from the Hoop & Grapes for providing the room for recording and the beers that we had for free. This didn’t impact on our views of the beers that we had.

Episode 115 – Mash Tun No 1


Happy Birthday to us! We’re 3 years old and in the first of our summer specials for this year we celebrate our birthday with a very special beer, Shepherd Neame’s ‘Mash Tun No 1’.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got serial guest Justin Mason to share the beer with us and we’ve got loads of birthday messages from our legion of fans.

There’s a very special #prizelessprize and we look forward to the other specials we’ve got coming this summer.

It’s Beery Birthday O’Clock!

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The Ninth Beer of Christmas


Nearly there. Into the last quarter of the #12beersofxmas now and only 4 beers to go. Although there is the biggest ABV of the lot to come, the finish line is in sight. Today’s beer was sent to me MONTHS ago by Shepherd Neame. It’s an English Barleywine collaboration with Sigtuna Brygghus in Sweden that came about as a result of master brewers from the two breweries coming together at a trade show.

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Episode 76 – Bishops Finger

A return to days of olde, with a supermarket staple this week – Shepherd Neame’s Bishops Finger.

We’re joined by beer blogger and all-round good bloke, Glenn Johnson.

We look forward to the GBBF and Steve champions the cause of his local beer festival. Plus we chat to Ian from 11pm Somewhere podcast about the forthcoming Lock In supported by Thornbridge.

No #PrizelessPrize this week due to holidays but keep the entries coming on Instagram with #CheersGuys .

Also, the usual beery news and chatter – it’s beer o’clock!

Episode 31 – Spitfire

This week we’re joined by Beer O’Clock Show’s #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Antony – for a tasting of a Shepherd Neame classic – Spitfire! How will Steve handle such a full-tasting experience with *two* of his protege’s sitting as his feet, awaiting his wisdom? Listen and find out.

Coupled with our usual beery chatter and reflection, it’s Beer O’Clock!

Wallowing In A Vat of Ale – A Beery Christmas

Like most of us, for me Christmas Day was all about choosing the rights beers to accompany the food of the day.
For dinner, I chose Shepard Neame’s ‘Christmas Ale’ (7% ABV). This was the last of many ‘Christmas’ beers that I have sampled this year and for our regular listeners, you’ll know that I haven’t had a great amount of success with them. Most have been bulk-standard bitters with a few festive spiced flavours thrown in.  This beer promotes itself more as a winter warmer than a festive beer and didn’t disappoint. A lovely dark amber colour, with deep malty aromas with a hint of hops in the background. The malts continue throughout the beer and the hops leave a subtle but noticeable spicy aftertaste. For me, this was probably the best of all the bottled christmas beers I’ve tried this year.
Next up was ‘Southwold Winter IPA’ (6.7% ABV) from Adnams but brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer. Now I’ve been pleasantly and consistently surprised with these “brewed for M&S” range of beers.  If they’re not something you’ve come across, then make a beeline for M&S – some of the UK’s biggest breweries has created beers for this range and they are all worth a try.  The Winter IPA pours a light amber coloured and has an instantly hoppy aroma with that distinct ‘craft beer’ aroma and flavour.  It’s fresh and feels lie the outside and has grapefruit and tropical flavours coming through every sip and lingering on the aftertaste. This is quite reminiscent of the ‘American IPA’ that Adnams put out a year or so ago (and that is coming back on cask in early 2013 and as the M&S Summer IPA) and is a truly enjoyable IPA that has you coming back for more and more.
To finish Christmas Day I went for the Meantime ‘chocolate porter’ (6.5% ABV). This is one I’ve been looking forward to doing as all of the media I’ve read about it suggests it’s about a close to drinking an alcoholic cup of chocolate as you’re likely to get.  Brewed with four different roasted malts that all provide natural mocca flavours and then real chocolate is added during the maturation period. The aroma is truly a chocolate one, almost reminiscent of a bar of Dairy Milk. In the glass it looks like a glass of coke, very dark in colour with a light head and some decent carbonation. A little disappointing on the palate though, as none of those chocolate promises follow through. There’s a subtle chocolate aftertaste, but the prominence is with the traditional porter flavours – deep, roasted malts.

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