file_000This week we’re chatting about supermarkets and the role that they are playing in (craft) beer.

Beers | Odyessy Brew Co ‘Ego Wars No 2’ and ‘Double Zombie Blood’

Hopinions | With the advent of craft beer sections in supermarkets are new drinkers being duped by cheap/macro impersonators?

Blogs | A Female View, The Telegraph & Seeing The Lizards

Prizeless Prize | Congrats to Hopzine Rob on claiming his first ever great big box of nothing

Interview | Martin talks to Duncan Sambrook about the development and role that Sambrook’s have played on the brewing scene in London


You can check out Steve’s appearance on the Irish Beer Snob’s ‘BeeryChats’ here and also a blog about the visit to Sambrook’s from last week’s guest Matt Chinnery