It’s that time of year again folks. Time to dig into the back of the cupboard cellar to see what wonders you have to enjoy over the festive period.

The #12BeersofXmas turns 5 this year, and what started off as something that I’d do to celebrate finishing work until the start of the New Year has a bit of momentum behind it now with folk getting involved in their own way. And that’s what the #12BeersofXmas is all about – doing things your way. There’s no prescribed way of doing it, no set beers for set days, just choose a beer, drink the beer and share your thoughts about the beer on your preferred form of social media. Some folk write a blog, some just take great pictures, some post their thoughts on Twitter or Facebook, and some just check in beer on Untappd. Whatever you’re doing, use #12BeersofXmas so I can see what you’re drinking.

So here’s my beers for 2017, the days I’ll be drinking them and some supporting words…

Wed 20 Dec ~ Shepherd Neame ‘Christmas Ale’ ~ a bottle of the 2016 edition kindly sent by the folks at Sheps, I’m intruiged to see if a year in the cellar has changed it in anyway

Thur 21 Dec ~ Elusive Brewing ‘Herman Toothrot’ ~ stunning when I had it earlier in the year, keen to see how the flavours have developed

Fri 22 Dec ~ Atom Beers ‘Neutron Star’ ~ another beer that’s been sat in the cellar for a year

Sat 23 Dec ~ Cromarty ‘Anniversary Ale V’ ~ looks like this has the most impossible wax seal to get through

Xmas Eve ~ Weird Beard ‘Sadako (Red Wine BA)’ ~ enjoyed the original + red wine barrels = win

Xmas Day ~ Truman’s ‘London Keeper’ ~ I had a bottle of this in the first ever #12BeersofXmas that I did, so a little bit of nostalgia and 5 years in the bottle is making me pretty excited for this one

Boxing Day ~ Cloudwater/Tool ‘Christmas Cake Imperial Stout’ ~ a year old, as good a day as any to drink it

Wed 27 Dec ~ Thornbridge ‘Sour Brown’ ~ the second beer to be making a second appearance in the #12BeersofXmas, I first had this in 2014 so I’m keen to see how the flavours have developed

Thur 28 Dec ~ Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren ‘Trappist Westvleteren 12’ ~ supposedly one of the best beers in the world. Let’s see…

Fri 29 Dec ~ Six Degrees North/Adnams ‘ATC 1.3 – A6’ ~ second time of asking for me for this beer, I remember really enjoying it the first time so keen to see how this one has developed

Sat 30 Dec ~ Stewart Brewing ‘Elysium I’ ~ I’ll be sad to drink this beer this year as it brings to an end a 3-year journey with these beers. Three different barrel-aged versions, ‘Elysium II’ appeared in the 2015 list & ‘Elysium III’ last year.

New Year’s Eve ~ Five Points Brewing ‘Old Gregg’s Barley Wine’ ~ this is a bottle from the original batch bottled at the end of January 2014. Almost 4 years in the cellar and from what I understand brewed on NYE, seems a fitting way to finish

There we have it, that’s my list and I’ll be posting my thoughts daily on Instagram. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re all enjoying this year, and who knows, we might even bring back the #PrizelessPrize for a festive edition…