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Episode 29 – Double Chocolate Stout

Steve & Mark venture into the dark, murky corners of the cellar labelled STOUT and review their first pint of darkness ever… How will it go down? This week, it’s Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and that sounds nice, right? Listen and find out!

Also, our usual beery chatter and #1 Fan reporting in!

Episode 27 – Doom Bar

Following on from last week’s pub standard, Landlord, this week we go for another – but one of Mark’s favourite beers: the ever-popular Doom Bar.

With a smacking of lips, an mmm-ing of malts, and comparisons aplenty, join Steve and Mark as they down another pint far too quickly.

And as always, with beery news and #1 Fan giving his all at the end, it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 25 – Craft Lager Special

This week, Steve & Mark venture out into the dark, mysterious world of… lager!

With two of them at hand, we bring you a frothy head-to-head between the Innis & Gunn Craft Brewed Lager and Celia’s gluten free Lager Beer. Listen and find out who wins the “can we actually enjoy lager?” challenge!

There’s also a report from #1 Fan, and our usual highly-witty beer-related banter!

Episode 24 – Thornbridge Jaipur

Steve and Mark hit it out of the park this week, courtesy of a beer from one of our favourite breweries.

We also talk about the beer we’ve sampled during the week, a pub Mark can’t remember the name of, and much more.

Send us your clips! Have a beer review of your own, or something to contribute? Let us know!

Episode 22 – Leffe Blonde

We get all continental this week, with our first European beer of the season – the old favourite of many, Leffe Blonde. What will the boys think of it? Will it’s cultured, European sophistication be their undoing, or will it not hold its own against the UK’s finest? Possibly a bit of both?

More beer chatter, and tipsy babbling in this week’s Beer O’Clock Show!

Episode 21 – Newcastle Brown Ale

We’re back for 2013!

After far too long a wait, Steve and Mark are back with Season 2 of the Beer O’Clock Show, and we kick it off with a beer everyone in the world has tasted – except Mark. How will he find it?

Also, some clips from a recent Dragon & Flagon pub tour in London with Steve and #1 Fan!

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