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Golden Pints 2015

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It’s that time of year again. It’s always nice to have a think back over your beery year and to highlight those beers and moments that have made the year memorable. So here goes with my Golden Pints for 2015 and here’s looking forward to another great year in 2016!

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UK Top Ten IPAs


The list came about due to the inspiration found in Andy Parker’s recent blog ‘Rule Britannia’ where Andy talks about “coveting beers from the US”. The task itself, was simple wasn’t it? Take to the Twittersphere to gain opinion as to a favoured ten or so beers and put them into the list. Only it wasn’t that simple. WIthin a couple of hours the list has reached 50-odd suggestions and things were running away with me, so I once again took to the Twittersphere to ask for advice and was offered the following suggestions…

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Golden Pints 2013

Golden Pints LogoThis is my first time with the Golden Pints – I thought it would be quite easy but when you start thinking, and I mean REALLY thinking about each of the categories, it becomes quite tough and a real challenge. So after much thought and deliberation  and more than one or two checks of Untappd, here are my entries for the Golden Pints 2013…

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Home Brew Heaven

Andy Parker’s Big F#ck Off Imperial Stout (8.5%)

This should be interesting. First home-brew for the Beer O’clock Show…

I’ve been following Andy Parker (@tabamatu) on twitter for about 6 months now. Andy is a home brewer that isn’t afraid to experiment and I found myself getting increasingly inserted in the various styles of beer he was brewing in his garage.  It wasn’t until he announced he was producing an imperial stout that was brewed with French oak soaked in bourbon, coffee and cocoa that I became REALLY interested.

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