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Hopinions 139 “Fantasy 6 Pack’

This week Martin & Steve are discussing which beers would make their ultimate 6-pack which enjoying some traditional German beers

Beers | Biermanufaktue Engel ‘Dunkel’, ‘Premium Pils’, ‘Keller Pils’, ‘Kellerbier’, ‘Radler’ and ‘Hefeweizen Dunkel’

Hopinions | Fantasy 6-Pack | Is there a single beer that has had the biggest impact on your beer journey?

Links | Pete Brown

Try the beers | Engel beers from The Sausage Man available here


Many thanks to The Sausage Man for sending us the beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions on Films | Raiders of the Lost Ark

Grab your hat and whip, get your adventuring shoes on a join us for another classic film. Beer Merchants have put together this Raiders of the Lost Ark themed box for you to drink along with us.

This time we join Indiana Jones on his first adventure as he travels around the world fighting Nazis and saving the world (and the girl). This time we chose a lottery system for the beers, but once again, feel free to enjoy them in whatever way you want as you cheer Indy on to victory.

Here’s what Beer Merchants said about why they chose these beers…

Hacker-Pschorr ‘Munchner Kellerbier’ | very German

Red Hook ‘IPA’ | Old school American

Flying Dog ‘Snake Dog IPA’ | SNAKES

Kona ‘Fire Rock’ | coz the Staff of Ra was hot

Kees ‘Barrel Project #9’ | Archived away like the ark at the end of the film

Siren ‘Liquid Mistress’ | Because Marion is epic at drinking. And kinda hot.

Lervig ‘Hazy Days’ | Just an amazing film beer

Vibrant Forest ‘Kaleidoscope’ | Amazing new British beer


We were sent this box for free by Beer Merchants but this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on any of the beers or on just how great Raiders of the Lost Ark is.

Outro from The Human Tim, check out the full version and more on You Tube here.

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