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Hopinions 146 “Untappd and the Multiverse of Madness”

This week Martin & Steve are getting lost in the multiverse that is the world of Untappd. Yes, we know we’ve covered this twice before but the last time was 3 years ago and a lot’s changed since then!

Beers | Burning Sky ‘Arise’, ‘Luppolo Pils’ and ‘Saison Printemps’

Hopinions | Has your use of Untappd changed since you first used it?

SummerSesh | Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3 | Session 4 | Session 5 | Session 6 | Session 7 | Session 8 | Two Brews event box 

See | Lotte’s Marshmallow Cheesecake


Hopinions 139 “Fantasy 6 Pack’

This week Martin & Steve are discussing which beers would make their ultimate 6-pack which enjoying some traditional German beers

Beers | Biermanufaktue Engel ‘Dunkel’, ‘Premium Pils’, ‘Keller Pils’, ‘Kellerbier’, ‘Radler’ and ‘Hefeweizen Dunkel’

Hopinions | Fantasy 6-Pack | Is there a single beer that has had the biggest impact on your beer journey?

Links | Pete Brown

Try the beers | Engel beers from The Sausage Man available here


Many thanks to The Sausage Man for sending us the beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 85 “Art”

This week, we’re joined by Beavertown’s Creative Director Nick Dwyer to talk all things art and beer.

Beer | Beavertown ‘Gamma Ray’, ‘Bloody ‘Ell’, ‘Brett Pils’ and ‘Heavy Lord’, Left Handed Giant/Duration ‘Minority Stake’, Northern Monk ‘Patrons 1.01’, Magic Rock/Bagby ‘Californishire’ and Wander Beyond ‘Nautiloid’

Hopinions | Does artwork influence your purchasing / rating of beer?

Belgium | Poechenellekelder | Oldest Pub in Bruges – Vlissinghe

Tate | Events can be found here


Many thanks to Nick for giving up his time record with us, the Beavertown beers we had on this show were free but this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 83 “Don’t Believe The Hype”

This week we are diving into some ‘hype’ beers, discussing Tesco’s new stocks and the recent news that Magic Rock were sold to Lion. We also interview Simon Webster, CEO of Thornbridge about their approach to stocking beer in Tesco and the recent re-branding.

Beers | Half Acre Brewing Co ‘Pony Pils’, ‘Tuna’, ‘Lifecycle’ (collab with Brussels Brew Project), Daisy Cutter and Double Daisy Cutter Capra

Hopinions | What makes you buy from a brewery for the first time?

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