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Hopinions 147 “Back To Life”

This week Martin & Steve are enjoying beers from Yellowbelly and talking about how we are slowly returning back to life outside and with others

Beers | Yellowbelly ‘Kellerbier’, ‘Citra Pale Ale’, ‘Unto The Breach’, ‘Pirate Bay’ & ‘Red Noir’

Hopinions | Do you think table service in pubs & bars will become the norm now? | Do you think online beer festivals will continue to be successful as current restrictions start to lift? | Have you had a pint of cask beer yet?

Summersesh | Session 1 | Session 3 | Session 6 | Session 7 | Session 8 | Two Brews event box 

Links | #CaskIsBack Twitter Moment | Hops Farm Festival

Yellowbelly | Try their beers for yourself here

Steve’s Fundraiser | Donate here if you can (thank you)


Many thanks to Danny from Yellowbelly for sending us these beers to feature on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions on Films | Avengers Assemble

Suit up, grab a beer and join us for one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. This time we get stuck into Marvel’s Avengers Assemble as we work our way through a selection of beers that we’ve put together for this episode.

We tried to drink the beers in the most sensible(?!?) order, potentially linking them to the film at points…

Yellowbelly ‘Citra Pale Ale’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Summer Wine ‘Diablo’ | Available from all good bottle shops/online stores

Rodenbach ‘Grand Gru’ | Available from Beer Merchants

Weird Beard ‘Collabageddon 17’ | Limited release, probably not available any more

Unity ‘Amalgamation’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Tring ‘Death or Glory’ | Available from Tring Brewery

Weird Beard/Time & Tide | Limited release, probably not available any more

Signature Brew ‘Anthology’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Carlsberg ‘Special Brew’ | Available from all good corner shops, offies and park benches


*These beers were sent to us for free by Honest Brew but this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on them or on just how amazing Avengers Assemble and the entire Marvel Universe is.

Outro from The Screen Team, check out the full version and more on YouTube here

Image courtesy of @Clayfiish

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