Hopinions 181 “Shut Up About Mild”

This week Martin & Steve are looking forward to the SummerSesh and looking back at what we’ve been up to recently

Beers | Williams Brothers ‘Juicy Joker’, ‘Joker’ & ‘Double Joker’

Hopinions | When at a beer festival, what do you prefer a brewery to offer?

Summersesh | Details here

SDS Live Book your place here


Many thanks to Williams Brothers for sending us these beers and the glass to enjoy them from. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers are.

Hopinions 180 “Homebrew Special #9”

This week Martin & Steve ramp up the nostalgia by bringing back the Homebrew Special from the ‘Beer O’clock Show’ days, and we’re joined by Sean O’Reilly who talks us through his brewing process and plans for the future

Beers | Brid’s Cross Brewing ‘BC-0101 American Pale Ale’, ‘BC-0201 Best Bitter’ & ‘BC-0301 American Stout’

Hopinions | Should businesses be promoting on all social media channels or just focusing on the ones that work for them?

Follow Sean | Uncruliar | Brid’s Cross

Summersesh | Details here

SDS Live Book your place here


Many thanks to Sean for sharing these beers with us. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers are.




Hopinions 179 “Eastern Edge”

Image courtesy of Adnams

In this special release, Martin & Steve tell the story of Eastern Edge, the transatlantic pale ale from Adnams and Sierra Nevada

We talk to Adnams Director of Operations Fergus Fitzgerald and Head Brewer Dan Gooderham and  Sierra Nevada Innovation Brewmaster Scott Jennings and Beer Ambassador Steve Grossman

Beer | Adnams ‘Eastern Edge’


Our trips to Southwold and accommodation, food and drink was kindly covered by Adnams. This didn’t influence any of our thoughts or views on the Eastern Edge or just how beautiful Southwold can be

Hopinions 178 “Ticks All The Boxes”

This week Martin & Steve are trying a brewery new to us but local to a listener and looking at where we are on our beer journeys

Beers | Bosun’s Brewery ‘Down The Hatch’, ‘King Neptune’, ‘Arctic Myst’ and ‘Tempest’

Hopinions | Seven Ages of Beer Geek – what stage are you at?

Boak & Bailey | The 7 Ages of Beer Geek

Summersesh | Details here

SDS Live | Book your place here

Bosun’s Brewery | Beers available here

SummerSesh 2022

20202021… 2022… FINALLY, the SummerSesh is coming to Birmingham!

And we’re making the most of the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend

Full details of our plans are below – as always, these are the places where we plan to head for these times, if there are other places you’d rather visit, feel free to do so, but this is where Martin and Steve will be found…

#SummerSesh Day 1 – Friday 3 June

We’re heading to Stirchley to visit two of the most talked about tap rooms in the UK right now. From 1400 we’ll be at Glasshouse and then from 1800 we’ll be at Attic. Spaces have been reserved at both sites so you’ll be able to join us for a few (easy) beers

#SummerSesh Day 2 – Saturday 4 June

We’ll be starting at 1200 at Burning Soul Brewery, before taking a short walk to The Wolf where we’ll be from 1400

The next stop will be The Wellington which is a 15 minute walk and we’re planning on being there for 1545, before moving onto The Colmore Tap at 1700 for #ALLTHECASKJAIPUR cask beers and an opportunity for sustenance/soakage with their pizza offerings

Once we’ve refuelled we’ll be heading to the Post Office Vaults for 1915 before finishing at Tilt from 2030 onwards

We hope that’ll you’ll join us and we’re looking forward to having a few beers with you all!

The route, pub details and timings are included in the map below. Many thanks to Rob and Simon for helping us with the local knowledge that we needed to help plan this route and to pronounce Brummingnam properly

(Route and timings are subject to change)

Hopinions 177 “Beer Isn’t A Cake”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Wild Card Head Brewer and presenter on the recent ‘Beer Masters’ series, Jaega Wise

Beers | Wild Card Brewery ‘Deep Roots’ (with Neptune Brewery), ‘From Mighty Acorns To Mighty Oaks’ (with Coalition Brewery) and ‘Mycelium Networks’ (with Burnt Mill)

Hopinions | Are you going to the pub as much as pre-pandemic? (If not, why not?)

Wild Card | Twitter | Website | Beers


Many thanks to Jaega and Wild Card for gifting us these beers. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers are.

Hopinions 176 “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

This week Martin & Steve are off on a Big Beery Adventure around the world as we talk about our fantasy worldwide crawl

Beers | Lacada Brewing ‘Blue Pool’, ‘Devil’s Washtub’ & ‘Utopian’

Hopinions | Do you have a favourite beery city & where (in the world) is it?


Many thanks to Stephen O’Kane for gifting us these beers. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great Lacada beers are

RIP Taylor Hawkins

Hopinions 175 “Cider”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Gabe Cook, aka the Ciderologist to talk apples

Ciders | Nightingale Cider Company ‘Wild Disco Cider’, Ross On Wye Cider & Perry ‘Dymock Red, Harry Masters Jersey, Foxwelp’ and Caledonian Cider Co ‘North and South’

HopinionsDo you enjoy cider as an alternative to beer?

The Ciderologist | Links to all of Gabe’s work are here

Boak & Bailey | The Seven Ages of Beer Geek

Hopinions 174 “One And Done”

This week Martin & Steve recount their recent beery adventures while enjoying some beers from Utopian Brewing and pondering emerging beer trends in 2022

Beers | Utopian ‘British Pilsner’, ‘Dopplebock’ and ‘Olicana Altbier’ (collab with Orbit Beers)

Hopinions | Do you think there are beer trends starting to emerge for 2022?


Many thanks to Richard from Utopian for gifting us these beers. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great Utopian beers are.

Hopinions 173 “Wheels”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Mark Dredge to talk about writing, beer on TV and discovering new flavours in beer

Beers | Beak Brewery ‘Mousse’, Queer Brewing ‘Flowers’ and Forest Road Brewing Co ‘Work IPA’

Mark Dredge | Website | Flavour Wheels | Twitter | Instagram


Many thanks to Mark for sending us the beers to try on the show. Although this was gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

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