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Episode 39 – Summer Special

We’re back with a one-off special, featuring news from the Great British Beer Festival, catch-ups for Steve and Mark on what they’ve been drinking since the last episode, as well as a featured review of the Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish!

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 38 – Un-human Cannonball

It’s the final episode of Season 2, and Steve and Mark are joined once again by #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Ant – for the beer to end all beers (and to end all beer podcasters as well, perhaps). Magic Rock Brewing’s Un-Human Cannoball, a 660ml 12% TRIPLE India Pale Ale, it promise a true challenge to the boys.

In addition to this, we have our end-of-season review of beers past, and look forward to what Season 3 has in store!

Thanks to everyone for your support this year, as we’ve grown bigger and bigger. Have a great, beer-filled, safe summer!

Episode 37 – Golden Glory

This week the boys tuck into what is one of Mark’s favourite beers, Badger’s Golden Glory, for a refreshing burst of peachy… Oh wait. Perhaps it doesn’t go entirely well. Tune in to find out!

Also an interview with Dragon and Flagon Tours’ own Vic Norman. It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 36 – Sa Bona Birra American Red Ale

Get your suncream, passport and funny hat, cos we’re going abroad to sunny Menorca! Well. In spirit, anyway, as Steve and Mark ponder the qualities of the Sa Bona Birra American Red Ale on this week’s Beer O’Clock Show.

Also featured: news on some new B’OS ventures, preview of what’s coming in the final episodes of Season 2, and #1 Fan @Stath79 with a review of his own.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 35 – Adnams Special

This week, Steve and Mark take a look at two new bottles from Steve’s favourite Suffolk brewer – Jack Bran Clump Sagin, and Adnams Native Britten.

Will they continue the love affair Steve has with the Southwold brewers? Or will they finally slip off their hoppy crown?

Also – the return of #1 Fan, and the winner is announced of our Native Britten giveaway!

Episode 34 – Marston’s Ashes Ale

This week the boys are joined by #1 Fan, and Sussex legend, @Stath79 to review what can only be described as… a beer.

Ashes Ale from Marstons, not at all a cynical cash-in on the Test series… no no no.

This and our drawing of the Mashtag competition, and more surprises! It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 33 – #Mashtag

This week the boys dive into a democratically-brewed Brown Ale from our favourite Scottish Beer Punks, Brew Dog with their American-style Brown Ale #Mashtag.

This along with the results of our Iron Maiden competition, your chance to enter a NEW competition, lots of beery chatter and… Mark does an accent.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 32 – Trooper

Scream for me, Beer O’Clock Show… SCREAM FOR ME, BEER O’CLOCK SHOW…

It’s Trooper from Robinsons this week, a beer put out under the name of British Heavy Metal legends, and longtime favourites of both Steve and Mark, Iron Maiden.

Listen this week as the tour bus veers wildly across the highway to hell, and the boys get stuck into this rock’n’roll nectar…


Episode 31 – Spitfire

This week we’re joined by Beer O’Clock Show’s #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Antony – for a tasting of a Shepherd Neame classic – Spitfire! How will Steve handle such a full-tasting experience with *two* of his protege’s sitting as his feet, awaiting his wisdom? Listen and find out.

Coupled with our usual beery chatter and reflection, it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 30 – Leffe Brune

Sourced directly from a Sainsbury’s gift pack, the boys tackle the darker brother of a beer they encountered earlier this season. This week it’s a beer Mark can only describe as… no, wait and see! It’s Leffe Brune this week, into the goblet and under the microscope!

Also, the usual beery chatter and pontification. It’s Beer O’Clock!

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