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Month: May 2014

Episode 66 – Camden Town Hells Double-Up

We’re back for part 2 of season 4, with a London double-up: Camden Town’s Hells Lager and Hells USA Unfiltered Lager. Can Mark tell the difference?

We also go through all that’s lined up for the remainder of the season, and Mark reminisces on his beery adventures in the wilds (or, rather, suburbia) of Australia.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Statement – UK Top 10 Lagers

I never thought I’d have to do anything like this. It was supposed to be a bit of fun and something that the community could get involved in. But then there’s always one.

When I launched out UK Top 10 Lagers poll, I was hoping for the same sort of engagement that we had for the IPA poll. Maybe a little bit of banter between the breweries and the fans of the beer and voting that would reflect people’s love for good beer.

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This post is a bit of a mash-up of a number of other posts that I was planning while the show was off the air. Basically, I ran out of time to write all the blogs I wanted to and not wishing to clog up the blogginator, I think I’ve found a way of getting it all down in the one post.

The theme of this post is ‘gratitude’ – all of the beers in this post have been sent or given to me, and I am very much appreciative of the generosity that exists within the beer community.

Anyway. Enough pre-amble, here’s some bite-size reviews with personal thanks along the way…

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Winging It

Acton means “oak farm” or “farm by oak trees”, and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon ac (oak) and tun (farm). Originally an ancient village, as London expanded, Acton became absorbed into the city. In days gone by the high street was the main thoroughfare to London from Oxford and as such was adorned with many coaching houses. It is due to this location of one such inn that I find myself with #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter Justin Mason of Get Beer Drink Beer in the 17th century George & Dragon on a Thursday evening late in May for the launch of the Dragonfly Brewery that is the latest addition to the London (micro)brewing scene and that is housed in the back of the building.

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Put The Needle On The Record

When I was growing up, vinyl was a huge part of my life. I would save up my pocket money, head into London and spend ages just browsing row upon row of records in HMV in Oxford Street until I found the record that would be worthy of my money on that particular day trip. I would scour the pages of Kerrang and NME to look out for the newest, limited edition releases be it on coloured vinyl, 10″ or picture disc and I would absolutely NEED those things. While as an adult my vinyl obsession hasn’t continued, it had been replaced by a new obsession. I now scour my twitter feeds to look out for the newest, limited edition releases and launches and it was because of this that I came to find out that Signature Brew, a brewery who epitomise the music and beer connection, were launching a new range of beers in London this week.

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UK Top Ten IPAs


The list came about due to the inspiration found in Andy Parker’s recent blog ‘Rule Britannia’ where Andy talks about “coveting beers from the US”. The task itself, was simple wasn’t it? Take to the Twittersphere to gain opinion as to a favoured ten or so beers and put them into the list. Only it wasn’t that simple. WIthin a couple of hours the list has reached 50-odd suggestions and things were running away with me, so I once again took to the Twittersphere to ask for advice and was offered the following suggestions…

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Share & Share Alike

This week I visited my first bottle share in Norwich. The brain child of two of Norwich’s biggest craft wankers beer geeks, Nate & Jason, the rules are simple. Bring a bottle (or two depending on the size) and share with like-minded people.

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