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Month: August 2015

Revisited 05 – Punk IPA


Our original Punk IPA episode is our most notorious for many reasons. Maybe it was that we suggested Brewdog were from Edinburgh. Maybe it was our lack of appreciation for the marketing at the time. Maybe it was Mark’s Scottish accent. Maybe it was that we just weren’t ready to drink the beer.

For whatever reason, this is a beer that is well overdue a revisit and that needed doing properly. So we packed up our recording gear, headed off to Brewdog Shoreditch, bought a couple of pints of fresh Punk and gave it another go…

It’s Beer O’clock. Revisited.

Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 11

Episode 117 – Tastes Like Beer

Our final summer special comes to you live from Hop Burns & Black (well, recorded there at least).

In our first ever live show in front of a group of beery friends we work our way through three beers – our very own white stout ‘Tastes Like Beer’, Gipsy Hill’s ‘Beatnik’ and Gosnell’s ‘London Mead’.

We were also joined by Charlie from Gipsy Hill, Tom from Gosnell’s and Jen & Glenn from Hop Burns & Black.

Massive thanks to all of those who joined us for the evening and to Jen & Glenn for letting us take over their store and for providing us with some great technical support on the evening.

Normal service resumes on Friday 11 September when we return with season 8.

It’s Beer O’Clock, LIVE!

Episode 116 – UBrew


The second of our trio of summer specials documents our recent brewday at UBrew where we brewed our very first beer, the aptly named ‘Tastes Like Beer’.

This show looks at the brewing process from beginning to end with recorded clips from the team at UBrew.

Many thanks to the UBrew team for inviting us down to brew with them, and a special mention for Nick who took us through the process.

Look our for our third summer special to hear what we (and others) thought of our beer.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

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