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#12BeersOfXmas 2018

Here we go again. It’s time to dig into the back of the cupboard cellar to see what wonders you have to enjoy over the festive period.

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The #12BeersOfXmas 2017

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the #12BeersOfXmas, Steve wanted to do something different…

So here’s a podcast featuring reviews of all 12 beers, and some familiar (and not so familiar) guests.

Beers | (1) Shepherd Neame ‘Christmas Ale’ (2) Elusive Brewing/Wild Weather ‘Herman Toothrot’ (3) Atom ‘Neutron Star’ (4) Cromarty ‘Anniversary Ale V’ (5) Weird Beard ‘Sadako (Red Wine BA)’ (6) Truman’s ‘London Keeper’ (7) Cloudwater/Tool ‘Christmas Cake Imperial Stout’ (8) Stewart Brewing ‘Elysium I’ (9) Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren ‘Trappist Westvleteren 12′ (10) Adnams ‘Both Barrels’ (11) Thornbridge ‘Sour Brown’ (12) Five Points ‘Old Greg’s Barley Wine’

Guests | Thanks to Martin, Phil, Sparky, Keith, Brian, The Ale Lady, Joe & Myles for coming on and sharing their thoughts on certain beers

Blogs | Read Joe’s (The Fatal Glass of Beer) & Paul’s (Abbaye de Southwick)  #12BeersOfXmas daily blogs

Podcast | Listen & subscribe to the NE Sippin Forecast

Twitter | 12 Beers of Xmas Twitter list is here – follow these folk, they’re great!

Hopinions | Will return at the end of January

Back to the Future


The #12BeersofXmas is over for another year and without a doubt it was a massive success. Only in it’s second year, the number of people taking part this year trebled and I really enjoyed following, watching and reading about the beers that were being enjoyed.

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The Twelfth Beer of Christmas


Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand during 2014, you can’t  have helped to notice the incredible rise of Camden Town Brewery. 2014 was the year where they have redefined what lager is and what it can be. Alex Troncoso, Director of Brewing has appeared on the show more times than any other brewer, firstly talking about their Adnams collab ‘South Town‘, then in an interview as part of season 4’s ‘breweries of London’ series talking about Camden Hells and the brewery, and finally at the launch of the game-changing IHL. They have redefined their lager trinity and even won one of our UK Top 10 polls with Camden Hells. I could only ever finish the #12beersofxmas and 2014 with a beer by Camden Town.

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The Eleventh Beer of Christmas


Black. Tokyo. Horizon.

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The Tenth Beer of Christmas

I can’t believe we’re here already. There’s only 2 beers left after tonight and then that’s it until next year. This year’s selection has tested my resolve on a number of beers that have winked at me from the shelf cellar over the last year, and tonight’s beer is one of those. Thornbridge Brewery’s Sour Brown (2013) edition is part of the Thornbridge Hall range and comes in a box, adding a little something to the presentation.

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The Ninth Beer of Christmas


Nearly there. Into the last quarter of the #12beersofxmas now and only 4 beers to go. Although there is the biggest ABV of the lot to come, the finish line is in sight. Today’s beer was sent to me MONTHS ago by Shepherd Neame. It’s an English Barleywine collaboration with Sigtuna Brygghus in Sweden that came about as a result of master brewers from the two breweries coming together at a trade show.

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The Eighth Beer of Christmas


Today’s beer is special. Very special. It’s special because I was at the brewery when it went into it’s red wine barrels for a long sleep. The Buxton/Rooie Dop/Oersoep collaboration ‘Grain & Grape’ originally started life as ‘Big Dump’ (which was obviously a working title). The proof of this is in the image below and also in much more detail in this great blog by Connor Murphy.

Big dump

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The Seventh Beer of Christmas


Today takes us over the half way line. Six beers in, six to go as we build toward New Years Eve and the end of 2014. Tonight’s beer is an interesting one. Meantime Brewing’s Black Russian was not originally part of my #12BeersofXmas and a beer that I found in my possession due to being tagged in a competition that was entered by fellow craft wanker beer nut Greg from Twitter. You can read his blog today for the full details rather than me repeat it here.

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The Sixth Beer of Christmas


Today was a beer that I have been excited about drinking for a while. It’s a beer that has been much blogged about, and one blog in particular from Justin Mason won my Golden Post for ‘Best Palate Post’. The beer of course is Beavertown’s ‘Ger’onimo’, a 9% Russian Imperial Stout that has been aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey casks and was the beer of choosing for many of those doing the #12BeersofXmas today.

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