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Crimbo Crawl 2019

We’re coming to Manchester and Crimbo Crawl Eve is now A Thing.

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Fantasy Pub Crawl

In Hopinions Episode 90, Martin & Steve discussed their Fantasy Pub Crawl, and included feedback given via this Twitter Poll…

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#12BeersOfXmas 2018

Here we go again. It’s time to dig into the back of the cupboard cellar to see what wonders you have to enjoy over the festive period.

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Crimbo Crawl 2018

This year’s Crimbo Crawl hits Bristol on Saturday 1 December

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The Golden Pints 2017

Here we go then, my Golden Pints for 2017…

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#12BeersofXmas 2017

It’s that time of year again folks. Time to dig into the back of the cupboard cellar to see what wonders you have to enjoy over the festive period.

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Crimbo Crawl 2017

This year we’re bring the Crimbo Crawl to Sheffield on Saturday 2 December.

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Thanks to James @gammonbaron for the use of this image

On Tuesday 13 June, Martin & Steve will be bringing Hopinions to #CraftBeerHour. The theme of the evening will be ‘Supermarket Sweep’ so we’re encouraging everyone to go to your local supermarket* of choosing and grab whichever beers take your fancy and then drink along with us while getting involved.

We’ll be running live #Hopinions polls during the evening for you to get involved in and if that wasn’t enough, we’re going to be recording the whole thing and releasing it as that week’s podcast.


*We’re not advocating to only ever buy from supermarkets folks, make sure to support your local independent and online beer emporiums too. To help with that, we’ve discounts with a number of online suppliers that you can use to make your future #CraftBeerHour beery purchases.

Golden Pints 2016

A while back, I made the decision that I wanted our content to be ‘exclusively audio’, after all as a podcast, that’s what we’re most known for. There are many good writers and bloggers out there and me adding to that didn’t seem necessary, not when we already had an outlet for communicating. So this year, we made our Golden Pints awards across the last three Hopinions shows of the year.

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Coming soon | Hopinions


New from the Beer O’clock Show is Hopinions, our new fortnightly podcast that will be launching on 2 September.

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