Our Hopinions podcasts are built around listener interaction. At the heart of this are the #Hopinions polls that we run every Sunday evening on Twitter. They give us the community’s feel for a particular subject and provide us with loads of great content to include in the podcasts that in turn sparks our own debate and discussion.

As a rule, we don’t respond to the comments, because we like to save that for the show and also, we literally don’t have the time to respond to every comment and this will often also spark further debate.

Sometimes the polls can be quite emotive and folk will have opposing views, we often see this and there are times when we’ll leave it and times where we feel as though we should step in. We don’t feel it’s right that anyone should be forcing their (h)opinion on someone else, or judging someone else for having an opposing view. We all have different circumstances and upbringings that influence the way we live our lives and we need to accept that others may have a different view from ours.

So we just wanted to suggest a couple of key things to remember, consider this almost our ‘terms of engagement’ for our polls…

  • Be nice to one another
  • Keep things positive

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation on this folks.

Martin & Steve