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Hopinions 137 “New Dawn”

This week Martin & Steve are enjoying some beers from the North East sent to us by listener Iain Hay while discussing what 2021 will bring us beer wise

Beers | Cheviot ‘Harbour Wall’ & ‘Black Hag’ and Almasty ‘Dank’

Hopinions | Which are you most looking forward to doing (when it’s safe to) this year?

Links | M&S stores stocking the new A&H range | Cheviot Brewing 


Many thanks to Iain for sending us beer to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 43 “Blinding”

Image courtesy of Ghost Whale

In the second part of a unique crossover collab with the Craft Beer Channel, we’re at Ghost Whale in Brixton talking about hazy IPAs, following the blind tasting we did on the channel.

Beers | Lervig ‘Tasty Juice’, Redchurch ‘Great Eastern India Pale Ale’ & Almasty ‘West Coast IPA’

Hopinions | Our summer styles series – lagers, IPA, dark beers & sour beers

Part I | Of the collab on the Craft Beer Channel can be viewed below

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