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Golden Pints 2015

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It’s that time of year again. It’s always nice to have a think back over your beery year and to highlight those beers and moments that have made the year memorable. So here goes with my Golden Pints for 2015 and here’s looking forward to another great year in 2016!

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Mutiny on the Beagle

This is a little bit cheeky. The Beer O’Clock Show were approached by Natural Brewing to ask if we wanted to be part of a Twitter tasting of their latest beer. Always happy to accommodate this sort of request, I said ‘yes’ only to be told that the tasting would be on a Monday evening. Regular followers will know why this is a problem. Therefore, in a beer sleight of hand, I’ve already drunk and reviewed the beer and am now posting this blog and the appropriate Twitter-time.

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A Taste of Things to Come

PrintIn anticipation of the arrival of new stock, our friends at Ales By Mail held a tasting event at their Craft Beer Shop to preview some of the beers that are incoming from new suppliers in the US. Chatting to the owner Paul before the serious drinking started he explained that “we have someone working on our behalf in California who, over the last few months has sourced some amazing US beers and arranged for their export into the UK for the first time”.

Refrigerated from brewery collection then from warehousing to container and then into the UK, this beer is FRESH. It arrived by road the day before being offered to the awaiting thirsty punters as a preview of things to come when the full shipment is launched in September.

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Wallowing In A Month’s Worth of Ale – June 2014

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Flight of the W*****s

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present to you the Flight of the Wankers…


Boring Brown Beer

This post was originally published in November 2013 as to support the release of our first homebrew special. As we have the author of this piece, Andrew Hobbs on our second homebrew special we thought it fitting to re-post it. It’s quite interesting when you listen to this week’s show how far Andrew has progressed since he wrote this back in November. You can check out the original post with additional contributions here.

I suppose I’ve always been interested in beer; right from the 70s when my dad used to boil wort and hops after I went to bed (it smelled awful – the taste wasn’t much better), through my teenage years exploring real ale pubs of Hampshire and West Sussex. But it was experiences travelling after sixth form and university when I began to sit up and really take notice. I’m talking about beers like Redback or Dogbolter by Maltilda Bay in Western Australia in the late 80s or tasting brews in California in the 90s that just weren’t anything like the Home Counties ale I knew. These were an entirely different drink from outfits like Sierra Nevada, Pete’s Brewing Company, Anchor from San Francisco, Redhook etc. They were much more interesting and dare I say it edgy – as if those making them had torn up the rule book. If there was one. What did I know?

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Wallowing In a Month’s Worth of Ale – May 2014

While the show was off the air during May I needed to occupy my time with something. I had already planned to release a series of blogs in place of the normal Friday night show release, the only thing was, what to write about? Turns out that was easier than I expected…

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This post is a bit of a mash-up of a number of other posts that I was planning while the show was off the air. Basically, I ran out of time to write all the blogs I wanted to and not wishing to clog up the blogginator, I think I’ve found a way of getting it all down in the one post.

The theme of this post is ‘gratitude’ – all of the beers in this post have been sent or given to me, and I am very much appreciative of the generosity that exists within the beer community.

Anyway. Enough pre-amble, here’s some bite-size reviews with personal thanks along the way…

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Winging It

Acton means “oak farm” or “farm by oak trees”, and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon ac (oak) and tun (farm). Originally an ancient village, as London expanded, Acton became absorbed into the city. In days gone by the high street was the main thoroughfare to London from Oxford and as such was adorned with many coaching houses. It is due to this location of one such inn that I find myself with #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter Justin Mason of Get Beer Drink Beer in the 17th century George & Dragon on a Thursday evening late in May for the launch of the Dragonfly Brewery that is the latest addition to the London (micro)brewing scene and that is housed in the back of the building.

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Put The Needle On The Record

When I was growing up, vinyl was a huge part of my life. I would save up my pocket money, head into London and spend ages just browsing row upon row of records in HMV in Oxford Street until I found the record that would be worthy of my money on that particular day trip. I would scour the pages of Kerrang and NME to look out for the newest, limited edition releases be it on coloured vinyl, 10″ or picture disc and I would absolutely NEED those things. While as an adult my vinyl obsession hasn’t continued, it had been replaced by a new obsession. I now scour my twitter feeds to look out for the newest, limited edition releases and launches and it was because of this that I came to find out that Signature Brew, a brewery who epitomise the music and beer connection, were launching a new range of beers in London this week.

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