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Hopinions 80 “Flavours”

More experiments this week as Martin & Steve tuck into a load of adjunct-filled beers and try their food counterparts to see if they actually taste like the things they are supposed to taste like.

Beers | Vocation & Yeastie Boys ‘Breakfast Club’, Thornbridge & Fourpure ‘Fresa’, Wild Beer ‘Millionaire’, Tiny Rebel & Flavourly ‘Pango’ and Brewdog & Amundsen ‘Mallow Mafia’

Hopinions | Do the adjuncts added to some beers really make the beer taste like the thing that has been added?

Links | Art By Volume | Rhythm & Brews Podcrawl | Doing Science to Stuff |


Many thanks to Wild Beer Co and Brewdog for sending us beers to try for free on the show, this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 31 “Mining”

This week we’re drinking beers from Siren Craft Brew, chatting about clandestine purchases for the purpose of data mining and having fun with the monthly CAMRA letters page.

Beers | Siren ‘Yulu’, ‘White Tips’, ‘American Oak Brown’, ‘Broken Dream’ and ‘Acid Jam’

Hopinions | This week we’ve heard that ABinBev purchased a % of Ratebeer last year. What do you think?

Prizeless Prize | This cracker of a shot from Gregor J takes home the great big box of nothing this week

Links | Beer Nouveau’s Crowd Funding Campaign | Good Beer Hunting article on ABinBev’s investment into RateBeer | Mark Johnson’s post on the discussion we were denied | #CraftBeerHour Supermarket Sweep details | Dogfish Head RateBeer statement

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We were given these beers for free from the folks at Siren Craft Brew but this hasn’t impacted on our thoughts of them. 

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