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Hopinions 162 “Cask Is Queen”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Katie, owner and head brewer at Nomadic Beers in Leeds to talk about surviving a pandemic, serving the local communtiy and using freshly picked hops in beers

Beers | Nomadic Beers ‘GeeGee’ & ‘Dukka’

Hopinions | Should the U.K. celebrate it’s fresh hop harvest beer heritage more than it does?

Nomadic Beers | Use the code ‘BeerOClock’ for 15% off your order from Nomadic Beers

Listener Survey | Please take a moment to give us your feedback here

Links | Matt Curtis tweet


Many thanks to Katie for giving us a discount on the ‘tap room in a box’ for the show. This didn’t influence our thoughts on the beers we tried.



Hopinions 101 “Plan B”

This wasn’t the show we planned to release this week, but it’s always good to have a back up plan. We take a look back at what’s been happening since our 100th show and look forward to what we’ve got coming up in 2020.

Beers | Five Points ‘Best’, Chelmsford Brewing Company ‘Poco Loco’ and Harvey’s ‘Old Ale’

Links | The changing names of hops


Many thanks to The Alehouse in Chelmsford for hosting us at such short notice.

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