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Hopinions 109 “Corkage”

This week Martin and Steve are discussing what corkage means and the different ways in which we view it

Beers | Utopian Brewing ‘British Pilsner’, ‘Unfiltered British Lager’, ‘British Lager’ and ‘Dark Lager’

Hopinions | Are you happy to pay corkage on beers to drink in bars/bottle shops?

Fantasy Pub Crawl | Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3


Many thanks to Utopian Brewing for sending us these beers to try on the show. Although they were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 

Hopinions 70 “Marmite”

Image courtesy of @gingerdaniels13

We’re back from our summer break and celebrating our 2nd birthday as we tuck into a numbers of beers that we’ve been gifted over the summer.

Beers | Northern Monk ‘Don’t Mess With Yorkshire IPA’, Sixpoint ‘Alpenflo’, Budvar ‘Dark Lager’, Wild Beer ‘Sleeping Limes’, Saltaire Brewing ‘Polairty’, Manual Brew Co ‘Tickets, Please’ and Sixpoint ‘Righteous Ale’

Hopinions | A guest hopinions this week from Myles Lambert – What’s your marmite beer?


Many thanks to James @gammonbaron, Heathwick UK, Budvar, Wild Beer, Saltaire and Manual Brew Co for sending us beers to try for free on the show, this didn’t influence our thoughts.

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