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Hopinions 26 “Geekery”

It’s our season finale… Martin recaps a recent trip to Coventry and Steve gets a bit angry about Brewdog. Again.

We also get our geek on and spend a LOT of time talking about Marvel & DC’s cinematic/television universes

Beer | Deya ‘Steady Rolling Man’, Burning Soul ‘Oct IPA’ & Adnams ‘Both Barrels’

Hopinions | Geekery – Is yours just limited to beer?

Prizeless Prize | A first time winner for the last big box of nothing of the season, congrats to The Ale Lady

Blogs | Good Beer Hunting looking at the Yeastie Boys contract brewing issuesMidlands Beer Blog original post about The Wolf in Birmingham & Martin’s thoughts on his trip to Coventry

Flavour of the Month 11 – High Planes Drifter

For March’s Flavour of the Month with Little Leeds Beer House, our listeners chose the Deya Brewing Company & Verdant Brewing Co ‘High Planes Drifter’ DIPA.

We’re joined by our first ever guest on Flavour of the Month as beer sommelier Ruth Mitchell joins us to chat about the beer and to give a run down of the other beers that you may have come across this month.

We also look forward to Hop City at Easter where you’ll be able to get your hands on some of the hoppiest beers ever assembled in one place in the UK.

If you’ve had any of the beers we mention, let us know your thoughts on Twitter.


This show is supported by Richard & Bryony from the Little Leeds Beer House. They’re great folk and they give us this beer for free, but that doesn’t affect our opinions the shop or the beer. If you’re ever in Leeds make sure to pop in, say hi and enjoy a beer in the wonderful surroundings of the Corn Exchange.