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Beerlonging 13 | Sense of Belonging


This is Beerlonging

Hosted by Mark, Rob and Steve featuring beer chat, beery adventures, and reverbeerations. After an extended summer break, we’re back and talking about what we’ve been up to since the last show and looking back over the first year of Beerlonging

Our guest this month is Danny McColl from MColl’s Brewery


Mark |  Fierce Beer ‘Export 80 Shilling Scotch Ale’ / Schlenkerla ‘Aecht Schelenkerla Erle’ / Torrside ‘Heavy Rauch’

Rob | Burnt Mill ‘Imperial Measures’ / Duration ‘Harvest’ / Indie Rabble/Two Flints ‘Neighbours’

Steve | Up Front Brewing ‘ The Isle of Mixed Ferm’ / Adnams ‘Innovation’ / De Struise Browers ‘ Sint Amatus – Oostvleteren 12’


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Credits // Original music by Rob Edwards // Intro by Dani Carberry // Artwork by Clayton Chisholm

Hopinions 71 “Sour Face”

This week, Martin makes Steve confront his nemesis as he takes him on a journey through sour beers.

Beers | Garden Brewery ‘Sour’, One Mile End ‘Morello Cherry Gose’, Mort Subite ‘Gueuze Lambic’ & ‘Oude Gueuze Lambic’, The Kernel ‘London Sour Damson’, Fierce Beer ‘Tangerine Tart’ and Elgood’s ‘Coolship’

Hopinions | Which term do you think is more alienating to the casual drinker?

Crimbo Crawl 18 | All the details can be found here

Links | Sheff Hopcast Half Pint Ep 3 | Don’t Call It A Shortcut