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Beerlonging 14 | A State of Pre-Craft


This is Beerlonging

Hosted by Mark, Rob and Steve featuring beer chat, beery adventures, and reverbeerations. This month we’re talking about what we’ve been up to and looking at how beer is reverting to a state of ‘pre-craft’ status

Our guest this month is Katie Mather


Mark |  S43 ‘DCLXVI’ /  Siren ‘Fire & Stars’ / Wasted Degrees ‘Porter’

Rob | Siren/Five Points ‘Decades’ / Allagash ‘White’ / Indie Rabble/Yonder ‘ Passion Fruit Margarita’

Steve | Cairngorm ‘Gold’ / Williams Bros ‘Nollaig’ / Fuller’s ‘Vinatge Ale 2022’


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Credits // Original music by Rob Edwards // Intro by Dani Carberry // Artwork by Clayton Chisholm

Hopinions 161 “Alcohol Three”

This week Martin & Steve are diving into the world of alcohol free beers, for the third time…

Beers | Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing ‘Lager Day Saints’, Athletic Brewing Co ‘Upside Dawn’ & ‘Run Wild’

Hopinions | Should drinking a beer ever be “a struggle”?

#50Beers50Years | Follow Steve’s journey and what the Sorting Tankard has in store here


Many thanks to the folks at Athletic Brewing Co and Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing for sending us these beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 


For our 2017 Summer Special, Steve visited Fuller’s Brewery and spent the morning with Head Brewer, Georgina Young.

In this special episode, George shares here brewing journey with us, some background to Fullers and we get to sample ‘Oliver’s Island’, ‘Seafarers’, ‘London Pride’, ‘London Pride Unfiltered’ and ‘India Pale Ale’.

Information on the Fuller’s public tours is available here.


This visit was arranged through the Fuller’s PR team and neither the tour or the beers cost us anything. This didn’t change our views on anything and we are grateful for the hospitality shown to us by both the PR team and George.

Episode 125 – Essex Brewery Showcase

This week is something new for us as we focus on a single county in our Essex County Showcase jointly hosted by Justin Mason.

We tackle four beers that have been carefuly selected for us by Justin to highlight where the Essex Brewery scene is right now. Starting with Crouch Vale’s ‘Brewers Gold’ we then move onto Wibbler’s ‘Hop Black’ and Maldon Brewery’s ‘Xylonite’ before tackling the very special Brentwood Brewing Co’s ‘Van Kannor’.

In the news, all you need to know is that Thornbridge’s (KLAXON) ‘Halcyon’ has been voted the best beer in Europe, while the #prizelesspize this week goes to a suitably seasonal holiday themed montage.

Keep up to date with what’s going on in the Essex Brewery scene by following Beer In Essex and also make sure to read Justin’s excellent posts on the beer that is cuurretly available in his home county.

It’s Beer O’clock!

Episode 111 – Britannia’s Brew


Beer-Day-Britain-LogoRaise a glass and celebrate all that is British as we toast Beer Day Britain with a beer brewed exclusively to celebrate the event, Britannia’s Brew by Brewster’s Brewery.

The brains behind Beer Day Britain and beer sommelier/evangelist Jane Peyton joins us to talk about the beer, history and why we need a Beer Day Britain.

There’s the usual news round up and in this week’s #HopTopic we discuss the recent announcement by Lidl that they will be stocking ‘craft ales’.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the #HopTopic discussions and for helping us top 5k followers on Twitter!

All this plus an old favourite returns to claim the biggest box of nothing in the #prizelessprize

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 3 – Old Golden Hen

Episode 3 of the Beer O’Clock Show

Featured Beer: Old Golden Hen

Join Steve and Mark as they taste the first Golden Ale of the Beer O’Clock Season. Listen as Mark forgets about the whole ‘not drinking too quickly’ thing.

This episode brought to you by Purple Panda Media, a web design company in Glasgow, with big thanks to Alastair of PPM for our awesome cover art!