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Hopinions 71 “Sour Face”

This week, Martin makes Steve confront his nemesis as he takes him on a journey through sour beers.

Beers | Garden Brewery ‘Sour’, One Mile End ‘Morello Cherry Gose’, Mort Subite ‘Gueuze Lambic’ & ‘Oude Gueuze Lambic’, The Kernel ‘London Sour Damson’, Fierce Beer ‘Tangerine Tart’ and Elgood’s ‘Coolship’

Hopinions | Which term do you think is more alienating to the casual drinker?

Crimbo Crawl 18 | All the details can be found here

Links | Sheff Hopcast Half Pint Ep 3 | Don’t Call It A Shortcut


Share & Share Alike

This week I visited my first bottle share in Norwich. The brain child of two of Norwich’s biggest craft wankers beer geeks, Nate & Jason, the rules are simple. Bring a bottle (or two depending on the size) and share with like-minded people.

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