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Hopinions 50 “Friends”

This week we dive into the Fullers & Friends box of beers, get stuck into loads of news and take a look back at our first 50 shows.

Beers | Fullers & Hardknott ‘Peat Souper’, Fullers & Fourpure ‘Galleon’, Fullers & Marble ‘Matariki’, Fullers & Cloudwater ‘NE IPA’, Fullers & Thornbridge ‘Flora & The Griffin’, Fullers & Moor ‘Rebirth’ and Fullers ‘Vintage Ale 2016’

Hopinions | As it’s that time of year where we find ourselves in venues not serving drinks of our choosing, what do you drink when there’s no decent beer on?

Links | NE Sippin Forecast fundraising page | Irish Beer Snobs fundraising page

Crimbo Crawl 17 | Details are here

Episode 42 – Hardknott Infrared

We venture into the wilds of Sainsburys this week, for the Great British Beer Hunt, and a bottle of Hardknott’s red IPA, Infrared.

Along with special guest Dave (@pixellated), Mark & Steve sniff and ponder and sniff again as they try and decide just what the beer smells like using Special Beer Snob sniffing techniques!

This, as well as a roundup of the Craft Beer Social Club’s opening night, and other beery chatter – it’s Beer O’Clock!

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