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Episode 103 – Blacks of Kinsale Black IPA


This week we feature another beer from our line-up of Irish craft, and we’re joined by another of our Irish friends, Sarah Finney of 5 Minutes of Finney to review the Black IPA from Blacks of Kinsale.

We talk about the most non-craft beer drinking week ever, Mark tells us how he got completely Moosefanged, the countdown begins for Unhuman Cannonball 2015 and there’s a holy theme to this week’s #prizelessprize

Steve shows his culinary skills in the new ‘Craft Baker’ segment and if you’d like to have a go at baking your own double chocolate porter brownies, the recipe can be found here (cheers Bibliocook for permission to share the recipe)

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Wee Beastie 02 – Bitter & Twisted / Thistley Cross Cider


We’re back for another instalment of our Beastie O’Clock series, with another round of special beers from our friends at Harviestoun.

This time we have 4 beers – the original Bitter & Twisted, and then 3 variations of B&T aged in Thistley Cross cider barrels with various fruits.

We also have an interview with Amy, head brewer at Harviestoun, on their approach to these beers.

Don’t forget to check out Justin Mason’s blogs on the Wee Beastie beers on Get Beer. Drink Beer.

It’s Beastie O’clock!

Details for the next Wee Beastie event on 19 March can be found here.

Wee Beastie 01 – Barley Wine & Engineer’s Reserve


It’s Wee Beastie time! In a fun little collaboration with Harviestoun, we’re really bloody pleased to bring you a spin-off series of the Beer O’clock Show (but all still on the same feed) featuring a line of one-off beers from Harviestoun, brewed under the Wee Beastie moniker.

In this episode, we have Shaun from Harviestoun on to explain just exactly what the whole Wee Beastie thing is about, and we tuck into the first of two beers from the lineup – a barley wine, and a very special bottle-conditioned version of Old Engine Oil Engineer’s Reserve. Did we mention it’s special?

We’re also working with Justin Mason on this project to bring you his thoughts on the beers over on Get Beer. Drink Beer.

It’s Beastie O’clock!

The UK Top 10 Ales


We have our first brewery to win 2 polls, running away with the votes on this one…

1. Marble Pint 3.9% ABV (bitter)
Former guest on the show and Manchester-based blogger Rowan Molyneux has this to say about the winning beer… Marble has been one of my favourite breweries since I started drinking beer, and when I moved to Manchester I was delighted to be able to drink in Marble’s own pubs. Zingy, pale and fresh, Pint is a stalwart of the Marble range. Full-bodied despite its low ABV, the grapefruit and lemon flavours sing from the glass and its clean, refreshing nature leads you towards ordering another, and another…. To drink this by anything less than, well, the pint, would be an injustice! For me, Pint is the perfect session beer.

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UK Top 10 Lagers


So we got there in the end! Following the success of the UK Top 10 IPAs and then the disappointment of the ‘vote rigging’ scandal the first time we ran this poll, we now have a result in the Top 10 Lagers.

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This post is a bit of a mash-up of a number of other posts that I was planning while the show was off the air. Basically, I ran out of time to write all the blogs I wanted to and not wishing to clog up the blogginator, I think I’ve found a way of getting it all down in the one post.

The theme of this post is ‘gratitude’ – all of the beers in this post have been sent or given to me, and I am very much appreciative of the generosity that exists within the beer community.

Anyway. Enough pre-amble, here’s some bite-size reviews with personal thanks along the way…

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Review of the month – February 2014

This is a new feature where I’ll be looking back over the last month beerwise. So where January was a dry month for me, February on the other hand has quite possibly been one of the wettest on record (and I’m not just talking about the rain here).

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Episode 55 – The Ridge and Broken Dial

It’s a Scottish triple-header this week as not only are we joined by #1 fan, and actual Scottish person, DOODY (aka Michael), but we have TWO (count ’em!) beers from favoured Scottish brewery Harviestoun: The Ridge and Broken Dial. What do our trio of beer reviewers think?

That, plus we catch up with how the Sheffield Crawl went (someone had a belly-full of Canonball, we hear…) and more! It’s Beer O’Clock!

#12BeersofXmas – A look back


So the #12BeersofXmas is over and what started off as one man’s challenge to take on 12 beers during the festive period turned into a gargantuan team effort of epic proportions. We lost people along the way, some stayed with us for the duration, but I raise a glass in a toast to you all – Cheers!

I was truly blown away by the response that this idea got and the way that you all got involved, and in an effort to recognize everyone’s efforts, I have summarised the roll of honour into four categories below.

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The 5th Beer of Xmas


For my 5th beer of Xmas my true love sent to me…

Here’s your daily catch up from yesterday courtesy of Storify!

Harviestoun ‘Ola Dubh 18’ Whisky Cask Matured Ale (8% ABV / 330ml)

I’m doing this one ‘live’ today as I drink the beer. Now I’ve gone on record on the show a number of times in the past to rave about both Harviestoun and the Ola Dubh series and this was the reason that this particular bottle earned the honoured place of ‘Xmas Eve Beer’ in the run down.

day 5The initial aroma was of smoked cheese (yes, really) and this soon gave way to the dark roasted malt laced with the whisky that this original ‘Old Engine Oil’ has been maturing in. It’s a very dark, viscous liquid that oozes out of the bottle and leaves a wonderfully creamy coloured head.

The first mouthful tastes like absolute heaven. It’s thick, warming, roasted, boozy and smooth all at the same time. It leaves a lovely smooth finish and almost no bitterness on the aftertaste – this is such a well balanced beer that you can pair with cheese or chocolate (or both) – as Shaun Voss from Harviestoun proved recently at the event that I attended at The Gun in the Docklands.

As it’s warming in the glass, the boozy aroma is becoming more prominent, but if anything the flavour and finish is becoming smoother.

This really is a great beer, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every occasion I’ve tried it.

Tomorrow, it’s time to take on the big man – Magic Rock ‘Strongman’ will be taking pride of place on day 6 of the #12beersofxmas

#12BeersOfXmas – leave a review of your beer for today below (or a link to your blog) and your Twitter name so we can give you a shout out. Merry Beermas!

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