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Beerlonging 06 | Do Better


A can of Elusive Brewing 'Brave Noise' in a waterfall

Photo: Mark Johnson

This is Beerlonging

Hosted by Mark, Rob and Steve featuring beer chat, beery adventures, and reverbeerations. This month we’re talking about Brave Noise and looking into social media and beer

Our guest this month is Emmie Harrison-West


We all enjoy Elusive Brewing’s ‘Brave Noise’ plus the following

Mark | Wild Card ‘I Am The Queen’ / DMC Brewing ‘Imperial Braggot’

Rob | Tartarus Beers ‘Pisacha’ / Burnt Mill ‘Dew Point’

Steve | Burnt Mill ‘Get The Diamond’ / Artefact Brewing ‘Finally an ESB’

Emmie Harrison-West

Emmie’s work can be found here and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter

Brave Noise

More about Brave Noise here and Elusive Brewing’s post is here

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Original music by Rob Edwards

Intro by Dani Carberry

Artwork by Clayton Chisholm

Hopinions 181 “Shut Up About Mild”

This week Martin & Steve are looking forward to the SummerSesh and looking back at what we’ve been up to recently

Beers | Williams Brothers ‘Juicy Joker’, ‘Joker’ & ‘Double Joker’

Hopinions | When at a beer festival, what do you prefer a brewery to offer?

Summersesh | Details here

SDS Live Book your place here


Many thanks to Williams Brothers for sending us these beers and the glass to enjoy them from. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great the beers are.

Hopinions 176 “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

This week Martin & Steve are off on a Big Beery Adventure around the world as we talk about our fantasy worldwide crawl

Beers | Lacada Brewing ‘Blue Pool’, ‘Devil’s Washtub’ & ‘Utopian’

Hopinions | Do you have a favourite beery city & where (in the world) is it?


Many thanks to Stephen O’Kane for gifting us these beers. This didn’t influence our thoughts on just how great Lacada beers are

RIP Taylor Hawkins

Hopinions 170 “Regeneration”

This week Martin & Steve look back at the beers we enjoyed over the festiave period while also talking about the future of Hopinions and where we take it in 2022

Beers | Buxton ‘Brithop’, North Brewing Co ‘Lost Cosmonauts’, Vocation ‘Love & Hate’, Thornbridge/Newtown Park ‘I Do No Seek I Find’


Hopinions 150 “Six Degrees of Separation”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Robert Lindsay, owner and founder of Six Degrees North to talk about the inspiration behind the brewery, can sizes and making tough decisions

Beers | Six Degrees North ‘Wanderlust’, ‘Hopclassic’, ‘We Are Not In This Together’ and ‘Darkness Inside’

Hopinions | Bigger beers in smaller cans?

Six Degree North | Find out more and buy their beers here

Please note, there is some slight interference on parts of Robert’s track, we’re aware of this and have done our best to remove it. Hopefully it doesn’t impact on your enjoyment of this show.


Many thanks to Robert from Six Degrees North for sending us these beers to feature on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 140 “Consistency”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Ol Fozard, award winning Head Brewer of Roosters Brew Co. We chat about the history of the brewery, repurchasability and the importance of consistency

Beers | Roosters ‘Yankee’, ‘Go Backer’, ‘Baby Faced Assassin’, ‘Better Late Than Never’ and ‘Strength in Numbers’

Hopinions | Is brewery provenance important to you when buying beer?

Next Show | Questions – ask us anything! Questions for both of us, just use #Hopinions. Questions for Martin, DM Steve @beeroclockshow. Questions for Steve, DM Martin @mjpo007


Many thanks to Ol from Roosters for sending us beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions 131 “Beer Points”

This week Martin & Steve are discussing the value of #beerpoints and calories in beer. The news is full of new releases and we might have discovered a beer featuring sabro that we actually enjoyed!

Beers | Siren Craft Brew ‘Twin Flames (Classic)’, ‘Twin Flames (Nitro)’, ‘One Through Three’ and ‘Cacao & Cherry Broken Dream’

Hopinions | Do you earn #BeerPoints for exercise? | If breweries were forced to display the number of calories in their beer, would it affect your choices?

Hopinions 97 “Desert Island Bar”

We’re back in the studio and looking back at the last couple of months in the Hopinions Multiverse while musing over our Desert Island Bar picks.

Beers | Howling Hops ‘Pale XX’, ‘House IPA’, ‘New Old London’ and ‘Quicksand’

Hopinions | Desert Island Bar


Many thanks to Chris at Howling Hops for the beers, this didn’t influence our thoughts.

Hopinions on Films | Love Actually

Martin and Steve settle down in front of a cozy fire with a few bottles of beer to enjoy this seasonal romantic comedy…

Salt ‘Just Another Dream’*

Jefferson’s Brewery ‘Across the Miles’**

Three Hills ‘In Pursuit No 2’**

Duvel ‘Triple Hop Citra’***

Left Handed Giant ‘In These Waters’**

Brewdog ‘Beetle Mania’****

Brewdog ‘Radio Zomebie Phone In’****


*This was gifted to us by Salt Beer Factory…

**These were gifted to us by the folks at Real Ale

***This was gifted by the folks at Duvel…

****This was gifted to us by Brewdog as part of 2018’s advent calendar…

… and none of this influenced our thoughts on the beers or the masterful turn of Rowan Atkinson in this film

Hopinions 92 “Three Deep”

Hopinions is 3 years old and we’re celebrating with a selection of beers that you can buy as part of your weekly shop!

Beers | Brewdog ‘Funk x Punk’, North Brewing Co ‘Lost Cosmonauts’, Brewdog/Cloudwater ‘NEIPA’, Vocation/Magic Rock ‘Hang Loose’, Lost & Grounded/Brooklyn Brewery ‘Face In The Crowd’ and Wild Card ‘Raspberry Chocolate Donut Stout’

Hopinions | Micro pubs?

Links |  Beers Without Frontiers Peakender Podvention


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