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Episode 66 – Camden Town Hells Double-Up

We’re back for part 2 of season 4, with a London double-up: Camden Town’s Hells Lager and Hells USA Unfiltered Lager. Can Mark tell the difference?

We also go through all that’s lined up for the remainder of the season, and Mark reminisces on his beery adventures in the wilds (or, rather, suburbia) of Australia.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 65 – Fuller’s Special

It’s the end of part 1 of Season 4, and what better way to mark the midpoint of a London-themed season than talk to the brewery that leads the London ale scene: Fuller’s of Chiswick.

The boys were lucky enough to get time with Fullers’ Director of Brewing, John Keeling, for a super-long interview and beer tasting. John covered everything from how he started, tips for home brewers, and the long history of the Fuller’s line.


Episode 64 – Sequoia

This week is Season 4 Part 1’s penultimate show, and the boys tuck into a big bottle of Thornbridge Sequoia, an American Amber Ale. What did they think? Was it a hop bomb, or was it too… amber-y? Or something else?

This with the usual beery news and chatter – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 63 – London Sour

This week we have a cheeky entry to the season’s beer list, following a last minute schedule change, and a cheeky guest – in order, The Kernel’s London Sour, and London beer blogger Chris Hall!

Plenty of beer chat, and beer news – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 62 – Black Mountain

This week the boys sample Black Mountain, a black IPA from Brains Craft Brewery – and have a special guest, from YouTube sensations* The Craft Beer Channel (co-creators of this week’s brew), Jonny! With thanks to Jonny and Brains Craft Brewery for supplying the beer.

Listen to them chat about the inspiration and aims for the beer, and plenty of other beery news and chatter!

It’s Beer O’Clock!



Episode 61 – Pistonhead Lager

This week the boys do a double-up of Pistonhead Lager, trying it from both bottle and can – do they differ? Will one be nice than t’other? Listen and see!

That, and much more beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 60 – Fade To Black

A HUGE episode this week, where not only do the boys review Weird Beard’s black IPA Fade To Black, but they’re also joined by Andy Parker (@tabamatu) of Elusive Brewing and award-winning home brewer, but we have two – count ’em! – interviews: first with Fergus of Adnams and Alex of Camden Town, talking about their recent collaboration brew South Town, and secondly with Weird Beard themselves.

It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 59 – Bengali Tiger

This week the boys have a can each of an American beer making an appearance on UK shores in JD Wetherspoon pubs around the country: Six Point Brewery’s Bengali Lancer.

Listen for their thoughts on this, as well as lots of beery news and chatter. It’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 58 – Hop Mountain Pale Ale

This week the boys take a break from the fine beers of London and sample an ale from the other side of the water: Old Dominion’s Hop Mountain Pale Ale. How will it go down? Listen and see! (or, rather, hear)

That, plus beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!

Episode 57 – Riwaka Hop Mule

This week we head to the grassy hills of Hobbit-filled New Zealand… via a London brewery called Honest Brew, who have used rare NZ hops in this week’s beer, Riwaka Hop Mule.

Will we enjoy the tastes of Aotearoa? Listen and learn!

Also with plenty of beery news and chat, it’s Beer O’Clock!

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