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Hopinions on Films | Avengers Assemble

Suit up, grab a beer and join us for one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. This time we get stuck into Marvel’s Avengers Assemble as we work our way through a selection of beers that we’ve put together for this episode.

We tried to drink the beers in the most sensible(?!?) order, potentially linking them to the film at points…

Yellowbelly ‘Citra Pale Ale’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Summer Wine ‘Diablo’ | Available from all good bottle shops/online stores

Rodenbach ‘Grand Gru’ | Available from Beer Merchants

Weird Beard ‘Collabageddon 17’ | Limited release, probably not available any more

Unity ‘Amalgamation’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Tring ‘Death or Glory’ | Available from Tring Brewery

Weird Beard/Time & Tide | Limited release, probably not available any more

Signature Brew ‘Anthology’ | Available from Honest Brew*

Carlsberg ‘Special Brew’ | Available from all good corner shops, offies and park benches


*These beers were sent to us for free by Honest Brew but this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on them or on just how amazing Avengers Assemble and the entire Marvel Universe is.

Outro from The Screen Team, check out the full version and more on YouTube here

Image courtesy of @Clayfiish

Hopinions 60 “Rewind”

After a recording break, we’re back with a mighty show covering all of the big news stories, four (count em) polls and some beers from Signature Brew.

Beers | Signature Brew ‘Studio Pilsner’, ‘Roadie’, ‘Backstage IPA’, ‘Nightliner’, ‘Treble’ and ‘Anthology’

Hopinions | Should breweries/pubs push St George’s Day like they do St Patrick’s Day?With beer festival season well underway what’s your thoughts on children at beer festivals?Are supermarkets letting things slip in relation to how they look after beer?When you see DIPA what’s your current expectation?


Many thanks to the folks from Signature Brew for sending us these beers for free, this didn’t influence our thoughts on the beer. 

Wallowing In a Month’s Worth of Ale – May 2014

While the show was off the air during May I needed to occupy my time with something. I had already planned to release a series of blogs in place of the normal Friday night show release, the only thing was, what to write about? Turns out that was easier than I expected…

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Put The Needle On The Record

When I was growing up, vinyl was a huge part of my life. I would save up my pocket money, head into London and spend ages just browsing row upon row of records in HMV in Oxford Street until I found the record that would be worthy of my money on that particular day trip. I would scour the pages of Kerrang and NME to look out for the newest, limited edition releases be it on coloured vinyl, 10″ or picture disc and I would absolutely NEED those things. While as an adult my vinyl obsession hasn’t continued, it had been replaced by a new obsession. I now scour my twitter feeds to look out for the newest, limited edition releases and launches and it was because of this that I came to find out that Signature Brew, a brewery who epitomise the music and beer connection, were launching a new range of beers in London this week.

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Still Thinking about… #12BeersofXmas

Still Thinking 1

Blog by Michael McGrorty

An excuse to drink a beer every day for twelve days? I am definitely going to take up that offer. When Steve from The Beer O’Clock Show came up with the idea for this I was a little bit skeptical. “Do I have enough ‘special’ beers to take part?”, I thought. I quickly realised that the beer didn’t matter much, all that mattered was taking part, so I put together a list and prepared myself for 12 straight days of drinking. Well, here goes…

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Episode 52 – Black Tongue

This week, we dive into a murky black sea of ROCK AND ROLL as we taste Signature Brew’s double black IPA, Black Tongue, brewed in partnership with taking-over-the-world heavy-smiths Mastodon!

The boys are also joined by Signature Brew’s brewer, Tom!

This and our usual beery chatter – it’s Beer O’Clock

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