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Hopinions 02 “Alcohol Free”

img_1495For this week’s Hopinions, we drink 4 beers, all without alcohol and chat about whether they’re actually any good.

Beer | Beck’s ‘Blue’, St Peter’s ‘Without’, Brewdog ‘Nanny State’ and Erdinger ‘Alkoholfrei’

Hopinions | Alcohol free beers (we’re talking 0.5% and below)…

BlogsThe Ale Trail, Beervana and the Pub Curmudgeon

Prizeless Prize | Congrats to Gregor J on winning this week’s big box of nothing

Bonus | Martin & Steve finish the show by gaining their Untappd ‘Elite’ badge with a very special beer


Many thanks to the folks at St Peter’s Brewery for sending through samples of Without and to the checkout assistant at a well-known supermarket for taking our money for the other two. Neither experience has influenced our thoughts. 

Episode 20 – Christmas Special – St Peters Christmas Ale

It’s our end of Season 1 special, with our special Christmas episode.

This week we review the St Peter’s Christmas Ale, and reflect on what Season 1 has brought us.

That and our usual beery chatter – Merry Christmas!

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