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Hopinions 157 “The Surrender Principal”

This week Martin & Steve are joined by Guest Drinker Stephen O’Kane to discuss endangered animals and outdated laws

Beers | Fauna Brewing ‘Pango Table Beer’, ‘Cheetah Lager’ & ‘Wild Dog IPA’

Hopinions | If you were interested in opening a pub, what would be the most likely thing to stop you from doing so?

Links | Follow Stephen here | Guide to Northern Ireland breweries | North Coast Bottle Share | Lacada Brewery


Many thanks to the folks at Fauna Brewery and to Alex at Right Hand PR for sending us these beers to try on the show. Although these were gifted to us this didn’t influence our thoughts. 

Hopinions 58 “Sessionable”

This week our focus is on the lower end of the ABV scale as we feature 5 beers ranging from 2.9% to 4.2%.

Beers | The Kernel ‘Table Beer’, Summer Wine ‘Pico Diego’, Gipsy Hill ‘Simcoe’, Track ‘Sonoma’ & Adnams ‘Blackshore Stout’

Hopinions | Are there enough good session beers around or is it just about the big ABV now?


Thanks to Liquorice in Shenfield for letting us use their tasting room to record this week.